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“I, Me, Myself”

A few moments of introspection should suffice to convince us of the fact that this limited "I" doesn't control our thoughts.

“I, Me, Myself”

The Earth seems to have its boundaries,  and “I” has limitations.

The Earth seems to have its boundaries, and “I” has limitations.

“I, Me, Myself”

Do we really have no control over anything?

When we observe movies or witness music, we simply watch and listen. We have no control over what we see or hear, neither we can change those sequences. There is a specific and rational explanation for this phenomenon and for everything that we do.

The Earth seems to have its boundaries, and “I” has limitations.

We assume that the separate "I" has allegedly control over our thoughts and our actions, it is an imagined entity devoid of any real existence. A few moments of introspection should suffice to convince us of the fact that this limited "I" doesn't control our thoughts because, if this were true, it could conveniently choose to have only happy, beautiful thoughts. That leaves open the question "In this case; Who am “I”? What am “I” supposed to be doing?" The only satisfactory answer to this question, at least at this stage, is that "I am aware of myself- I."

No matter how strange it may appear at first thought. The real “I’ if consider it as our body, we fail to understand the truth. “I” is not our body. The body perishes whereas “I” does not. “I” is eternally present. Our Body takes another form after reincarnation. It is like changing clothes for another ordeal.

As we reflect upon this, it becomes gradually clear that the reality that creates our thought and our thinking process moves them and when we are aware of them and the reality that creates and moves this universe is the same reality. This understanding in turn brings about a shift in our existential experience.

To understand the truth, as individuals, we simply do not live, we are being lived completely, observed constantly, watched, guided, being controlled by the natural phenomenon, no one is aware of this fact. Neither can we alter the occurrence or event. At this present stage, we are Life itself, controlled by someone else.
Think over it! Do we really have control over anything?
YES or NO.

Ego and I
Ego is pride in oneself. Thoughts such as my body and mind, my intellect, my life, my wealth, my children, such things like I should acquire happiness, arise from ego alone.

Ego means awareness of the self, pride, conceit, and ‘I’ ness. They are related to ‘ego or Aham’ but on a psychological plane.

When the ego of a person gets elated, he does not identify himself with his Soul. Due to this soaring ego, a covering of black energy gets collected around him. Also, when his ego is excessive, the flow of grace from God is blocked. As a result of the black energy covering coupled with the block in access to Divine grace, the person has a negative impact on his life.

If we consider the spiritual viewpoint, our self, the Ego indicates an inflated sense of self-value, conceit, and importance; the appropriate pride in self-esteem and oneself; imagining oneself to be different from other people as well as God. This is because of his identification with his physical body, and the impressions given to various subtle body centers. In short, the ego drives our life to think that our existence is limited to, our 5 senses, mind, and intellect. Thus, the person connects and classifies them with others to various degrees.

Spirituality has to do with our spirit, our soul, not as ghosts, but as the essence of being human, it is our soul and our inner life. Spiritual enlightenment involves freedom from emotional pain and suffering. This can be attained by entirely abolishing our ego, thorough transcendence, even completely eradicating and annihilation of the ego.

Everything that identifies with the ego and sense of personal self will ultimately lead to suffering. To do away with all kinds of anguish, distress, and misery, we must strive to completely do away with the ego and the sense of unique self. While living in the material world, complete and permanent extinction of the ego is impossible. However, when we enter into the meditative state, it immediately controls our thoughts and behavior. The moment we re-engage with physical life, we once again come back, flirting through the lens of the Self. The main barrier that causes one to drive towards the line of ego is fear. The only instance the Ego has a hold over us is when we excessively Identify with it. It means, we identify with our ego and create a sense of personal self as the totality of the self. In the meditative state, we reach beyond self and therefore our ego gets crushed in that time period when we identify with our spirit, our inner self, and arrive ahead of physical self to involve in a greater knowledge to understand who really we are. At that stage, our ego loses its ability to recognize the self, loses its identity, and releases the body from suffering. Therefore, the meditative state is considered a state of spiritual enlightenment.
As per the science of Spirituality, our true state of existence is identical only with our Soul or God-principle within us. We should live our day-to-day life with this consciousness. As the one and the same God-principle exists within every human being, from a spiritual perspective, there is unity in the entire Creation.

However, depending on the level of our ego, we separate ourselves and distance ourselves from the supreme creation, fail to identify with the God-principle within us. We fail to recognize the blissful Soul within us to varying degrees.

When self-image becomes a basic theme of life.

We really got to hold our minds, ultimately, where are we going!

SAT means Sattva, the Reality, Purity, and Truth. ASAT is falsehood, deception.
The Existence of ‘I’ is a supposition, a falsehood created by human beings, a hypothesis, is an explanation for an observable phenomenon! It is an imaginative figure; and through the faculty of imagination, we encounter everything, even human bodies, the “I”. The things that we touch, see and hear coalesce into a real picture via our imagination.

In reality, if we refer “I” to our body, “I” does not exist.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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