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I Love Melbourne

The Murray River

The Murray River

Small Country Girl

I grew up in a very small country town along the Murray River in Australia. It's the sort of town where everybody knows everybody's business. It is also a town of gossip, drugs, cheating. Basically, all the things you would see in a dramatic T.V. series. I'm not kidding. The only great thing about that town is how multicultural it is. I mean, look, I'm sure there are other great things about that town but I'm not a fan. I'm glad to be out of there.

I Moved to Melbourne

There are actually quite a few people from my home town that moved to Melbourne too. And I'm sure they would agree that it is so much better in Melbourne.

Anyway, I moved to Melbourne back in 2017, actually, my two-year anniversary of living here was a week ago. I remember being so nervous to move here, but after having my heart broken it was the best thing for me, even though my ex had moved to Melbourne a few months before me.

As nervous as I was, I actually fell in love with Melbourne. I had also been scared to catch public transport. Coming from a small town where everything is walking-distance I had no experience with public transport and how it worked. My sister, who I live with, taught me all about it. Eventually, I became an expert, except with trams, I hate them with a passion. So the first time catching a bus and train by myself was liberating. I also remember how good I felt about going to the city by myself, it gave me a confidence boost and I felt so independent.


Why I Love Melbourne

Growing up with anxiety I hated huge crowds, small crowds, any type of crowd. I think it's because I grew up in a small town, got bullied and had social anxiety. So those three things mixed together made it hard to want to be around people. The fear of being judged was overwhelming as it felt like I had been judged all my life. So, moving to a city with thousands of people I thought the anxiety would only get worse for me. Turns out it helped a lot. A town where you know everyone and everyone knows you compared to a huge city where no one knows you or actually notices you makes a huge difference.

I can be anywhere and stay unnoticed. You won't see one of your bullies from school walking down the street, or an old friend you don't want to catch up with in the supermarket. I mean, okay you might, but it's rare.

But honestly, being just another person in a huge city feels so liberating. I can wear baggy clothes while shopping without worry about an ex seeing me or Judy from next door judging me. I mean sure someone might judge me, but guess what? They don't know me so I don't care.

Turns Out I'm a City Gal

I always pictured myself living in the country forever, now I'm not so sure I'll be leaving the city any time soon, or ever. I guess we will see, I surprise myself a lot so I can't make any promises that I won't leave.

Melbourne is the place where I found myself, where I found how strong and capable I am of doing whatever I put my mind to. So thank you Melbourne for showing me who I truly am. I still have a long road ahead with self-discovery, but I'm closer than I would have ever been if I had stayed in that little town hidden away.

Now if they would just lower the pricing for houses and make rent cheaper around here Melbourne might just become the perfect place.

Thanks for Reading

If you had a similar experience please tell me about it. I love hearing people's stories about their own self-discovery and how they got to where they are now.


Elise (author) from Melbourne on June 29, 2019:

I agree it's nice to be in a small community, but the town I came from is toxic. Everyone competes with each other and put on facades. It's strange. But I would love to be in a small community where everyone is nice and knows each other.

Gupi on June 29, 2019:

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing that very inspiring article. I understand that when people don't know you it can sometimes be easier to go on about your day to day business so can relate to that. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes I prefer to be in a small community where I know everyone.

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