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I Hate Football! 25 Things to Do Instead of Watching the Super Bowl

I Love the Football Players, But I Hate Football!

They start with football young in our family.

They start with football young in our family.

Not a Super Bowl Fan?

If you are NOT a Super Bowl fan, then this is for you! Are you the only one in your office who isn’t invited to a Super Bowl party and can’t figure out where to bet on the football pool? Are you always the one person in the room who doesn’t know Eli Manning from the Wizard of Oz?

You Can Love the Football Players, but Still Hate Football

First, let me say that I don't hate football players. My husband was a football player in high school. My sons played football. Some of my grandsons played football. They started young. When they weren't playing football, they were talking about it or watching it on TV.

Football Season is Every Season

But I have good reason to hate football. Imagine living in a house with a husband and three sons who are all football fans. That means football EVERY Sunday and EVERY Monday night during football season. It means football on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and the whole month of January. It means pre-season games in August and some kind of excuses for games in May. In July, I'm lucky if I don't have to deal with the Super Bowl they taped 1974!

The guys shout out instructions to the televised coaches and players. The referees are yelled at. Favorite players are discussed like old friends. The guys remember Super Bowl's from 30 years ago, and can tell you which players were on the winning team, but SOME of them forgot my birthday this year!

Which Is More Fun for You: The Super Bowl or The Zombie Apocalypse?

If you hate football season, too, you probably look forward to the upcoming Super Bowl as much as the zombie apocalypse. If you're lucky, your favorite football fan will be going to a Super Bowl party somewhere else, and you will have blessed relief from the shouting, beer drinking festivities.

Don't Feel Left Out If You Hate Football

Don't feel left out on Super Bowl Sunday when it seems like everyone is talking about Super Bowl Parties, food for the Super Bowl and favorite football players. There are lots of fun things you and your non-football loving friends can do on this day.

25 Other Things to Do On Super Bowl Sunday

1. Have an Anti-Super Bowl Party. Gather together your friends who have been deserted all football season and have an Anti Super Bowl Party. While the guys are having beer and pizza, serve your friends more sophisticated fare like fancy frozen drinks and crab puffs or mini quiche.

2. Get together with a friend for a spa weekend.

3. Stay home and hold the TV remote ALL evening long!

4. Have a mani/pedi party complete with lotions, nail polish and stick-on decals. Order take-out from your favorite gourmet shop for you and your friends.

5. Rent a season of Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives or some chick flicks and invite some friends over to watch in peace and quiet.

6. Get out that carton of photographs and put them in albums.

7. Finish the baby book you started for your second child in 1977.

8. Clean out your junk drawer.

9. Go through the digital photographs on your computer and rename them something besides DM004102.

10. Teach yourself to knit.

11. Go through your makeup case and throw out everything from the 1990’s.

12. Clean out your husband’s closet and dispose of his leisure suit, the t-shirts with the grease spots on them and the flannel shirts with the frayed collars. Quick, before he gets back from his Super Bowl party!

13. Write in your new 2017 journal. You’re only behind a month – you can still catch up!

14. Teach yourself to crochet and start a new project.

15. Find your old classmates on Facebook and send them friend requests.

16. Google your old boyfriend and stalk him a little.

17. Follow a simple tutorial on drawing or painting and unleash your hidden artist.

18. If Hubby is off with the guys to watch the super bowl, get a couple of chick flicks and settle in for a cozy evening with a box of tissues, a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a bag of chips.

19. Teach yourself to fold a T-shirt perfectly every time. You'll be the new Martha Stewart of the book club!

20. Host a tea party. In honor of “Anti Super Bowl Day." be sure to dress up a little and play soft jazz or classical music in the background. Serve dainty crustless sandwiches, fancy cookies and tiny nibbles with a variety of flavored teas.

21. Have a game night for non-football fans. Play some great group games like Apples to Apples or Trivial Pursuit. Play Scrabble or try Bananagrams, a faster moving word game for 2-6 players.

22. Watch the Puppy Bowl.

23. Make a handmade Valentine for your sweetheart.

24. Download some new apps or ebooks on your Kindle or Nook, and spend the evening reading or playing games .

25. Update your blog with pictures of your Anti Super Bowl party.

Bonus: Tweet this article and all your ideas for Anti Super Bowl Day to all your Twitter friends!

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There Is Life On Super Bowl Sunday for Football Haters

So cheer up. There is life during Super Bowl Sunday for those of us who hate football. Choose something fun from this list. Get together with your non-sports fan friends and do something fun, or spend a wonderfully quiet evening at home. What ever you do, short of going to the dentist, it will be more fun than watching the Super Bowl!

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