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I Dream of Us


I have had this dream over and over again.
Most times I'd wake up smiling, and when I realised it was just a dream I'd smile a little bit more because I believe in dreams.
It's a dream realer than anything I have ever dreamt of. Sometimes I didn't wanna wake up, I didn't want it to end.
I know it sounds crazy but have been dreaming about you on a daily basis. Have been dreaming of being lost in your touches regularly. Have been dreaming of you coming back and speaking up my life again. Have been dreaming of you back in my life again.Ij
A couple of years back, we were just kids who really didn't understand what was really happening. Just kids who enjoyed being together. Kids.
Kids that enjoyed holding hands on our way home from school.
Kids that would wiped tears off the other.
Kids that couldn't be separated.
Years have passed by.
I didn't know where you left to though.
And I find myself thinking of those days, I find myself holding photos of the days when we just couldn't go for a day without causing chaos.
I find myself hoping that we didn't have to grow up that fast.
And then have been dreaming that we would finally cross paths again. Relive those moments again and again. Hoping that you would set my heart on fire this time, for I now know and understand what it is feel.
I now know what I want.
I just want to show you the photos and remind you of the many things I remember about us. I want to relive those moments when a young love grew and I didn't know what was happening.
I want what my heart has been dreaming.
I want to leave my dreams and have you to myself.
... I want us to happen again.

© 2019 Amani Utembu

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