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I Could Have Been Trump's Wing-man at the Summit to Meet Kim Jong-un

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea

is, without sign language, with blimps hovering over his capitol flashing "Welcome, Donnie," or any other smoke and mirrors that sometimes afford a man like Kim Jong-un, a very powerful man. Could fear be felt to some who know the Supreme Leader? Sure.Because there are those nations who talk behind his back and say how powerful he really is and flaunt his blatant attitude of testing nuclear missiles in broad open daylight. Some go further. These grand-standers talk one day, Kim Jong-un hears about it and suddenly the jaw-jacker is no longer living in North Korea. It always pays to show sincere respect to those higher than you.

President Trump respects Kim Jong-un, but he hides it well.

What I would do coming out of the chute is to buy every "I Love Kim Jong-un tee shirt with his photo printed on front and back and make fast friends with Kim's friend, Dennis Rodman. These two moves would secure me to start off on a good foot. I do not want to be driving somewhere in the U.S.A. with my windows down listening to classic rock tunes and before I know it . . .a 30-ton nuclear warhead has vaporized me, the car, and what's left of the classic rock CD that I had just purchased in Phoenix at some gas station going west toward California.

President Trump and Kim Jong-un

President Trump and Kim Jong-un

If you Came in Late

just who is Kim Jong-un? Well, he was born born 8 January 1984, and was formerly a North Korean politician serving as the 3rd and current Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 and Leader of the Worker's Party since 2012.

I don't know what his good friends call him, "Supreme Leader," "SLK," or maybe "J. Jonnie Jong," if Kim likes Rap Music from Detroit, Michigan. You may be already wondering about the things that I've said about Kim Jong-un, because, in all reality, you never know about these mega-powerful leaders whose word in the law and never questioned. Power, man. And I don't mean some of those popular sports drinks who are addicted to pumping weights to keep up that bulk-over-bulky image.

Before I Talk

about the "meat" of this piece, I want to expound on what other subtle differences that I would change if I were there to join President Trump to be his wing-man to prop-up his well-versed diction and his answers would be so sharp, Gillette would be foaming at the mouth for the patent.

I would also slip a few hilarious one-liners or maybe a few over-the-top observations that I could whisper to Trump when this summit meeting begins to crawl and Kim Jong-nu starts to openly yawn right there in front of his aides and Trump's comb-over. (Hey, I know Trump well enough by this time that he can take a joke).

I think that I would wear a pair of jeans along with my favorite slip-on shoes that just lay on my feet due to their age and torn material. I don't really care if Kim looks me up and down as to see if I measure up to his lifestyle and wardrobe. I might blurt out, (just for fun), "Hey, Supreme Leader! Is there a hot-wings cafe anywhere near here? I am craving some ho-twings!" And before Trump and I could get back to Trump's jet plane, my mega-funny line about ho-twings is being heard all over American TV. So? Your point?

Even as I speak, The 2018 North Korea–United States summit, or Singapore summit, is the first summit between a sitting United States President and the North Korean leader. The all-important meeting is slated for June 12, at Capella Singapore. I hear (from sources) that the location for the summit is very beautiful inside and out--a perfect place for a Supreme Leader and our Nation's sitting President, Donald J. Trump, to talk things over and maybe iron out a few things--without having to push any of the red buttons that are probably at arm's length.

I know and you know that there are no red launch buttons inside the compound where Kim and Donald are having several sit-down's, luncheons, and meetings by Kim Jong-un's best laid plans of North Korean and U.S. plans and all we, the regular "Joe's" have to do is wait for the results--kinda like the way that we cheered on the beautiful horses who run in those TV commercials. Good gosh-a mighty, we got ourselves a global summit.

In all Fairness, What About Trump's bio?

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of The United States, in office since January 20, 2017. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. Trump's net worth is $3.1 billion dollars, that's billion, man. Lotsa bucks. And he is the 766th richest man on earth. I like the Donald, speaking strictly from myself.

I cannot say anymore without giving former Barack Obama a decent compliment. Mr. former President, you were, in my sight, very immaculate and orderly. You served the Office of The President of the United States with quiet wisdom and grace. No joke, sir.

And if I had been invited by the Obama's to get aboard Air Force One in Birmingham, Alabama, to let my wife, Pam and I, to fly to Washington, D.C., to meet President and Mrs. Obama for an afternoon of kicking it like good friends do when they want to say something. Nothing formal. Not even the food. Just a few burgers on the grill and a Coke for me and Pepsi for Pam (she had to be different) and we would have warm memories of our meeting for many years.

I Tell you This

that I envy Donald Trump a lot more than you think. And I know that when his meeting with Kim Jong-un is over, Trump will still be himself--rich, personable and powerful just like his counterpart. And the things that both leaders agreed upon, I want every TV news outlet to devote extra airtime to the North Korean/US Summit for it was worth it. Well worth it.

I also feel that this meeting should have happened many years ago, but it took the boldness of both men, Kim and Trump (not Dennis Rodman), to sit down and listen to each other instead of parading themselves around with nuclear missile tests and pushing our Navy and Air Force all the closer.

All the two did was talk. That's it. Talk. Not threaten. Not blackmailing. Talk. At the risk of sounding very editorial, I would hope that (this) summit and the talks will start a more peaceful trend of communication in that of talking. And so what if Kim and Trump will face certain adversities during the summit? It's cool. It reminds me of two of my uncles who feared no one, but whomever they talked to, listened.

And that beats a nuclear war any old day.

June 12, 2018___________________________________________

Wouldn't you like to know what President Trump is saying?

Wouldn't you like to know what President Trump is saying?

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