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Humble Pie for Two


Why must you try to tear me down in order to build yourself up? I am not your stepping stool, nor do I consider you mine. I am willing to converse with you and share my ideas without trying to one up you every chance that you give me an opportunity to do so. I am happy to hear stories of your success, they do not threaten me nor do they make me feel any less of a person than you are. Please do not call me buddy or pal and treat me as if I am a man standing beside a giant, as the only thing giant in the room is your ego. Power plays are part of a game that I choose not to participate in. I have been blessed by the Lord with wisdom, patience, and understanding. Therefore I know that if you feel the constant need to belittle my accomplishments and disregard my experiences, it is only because you find something about me intimidating. I do not say this with a big head, in fact I say it with sorrow. All that I ask of you is to treat me as your equal, and I will do you the same kindness. Whether we are on the Forbes list or the poverty list, we are all Gods children and we would all do well to remember that humble pie pairs nicely with both lobsters and sirloin, as well as corned beef and cabbage.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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