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How to Help Writers Spread Their Wings and Fly

Nikki Khan welcomes new writers and enjoys reading their work as much as she likes other writers’ work.

Help other writers no matter how little | Source

Help other writers no matter how little | Source

A Tribute to A Great Writer Bill Holland (Billybuc)

When I joined hubpages four months ago, I was a newcomer as a writer.Still learning though as this process never ends.You learn your whole life till your death.Anyhow I was new to the community here on hubpages, but I found some great friends here who really appreciated my work, no matter how bad I wrote.

Thanks to them for admiring my writings and for such a huge appreciation which may be I didn’t deserve, and don’t deserve still.I am so blessed to have such amazing writers on hubpages channel who helped me a lot in learning many aspects of creative writing.

But one writer who inspired me so much is such a wonderful person by heart.He deserves this admiration because I have seen him commenting on each hub which is interesting and informative, no matter it’s written by new writers or by experienced ones.

I have seen his articles helping writers fly in the sky with new wings or with old repaired wings.His hubs are a great source of support for creative writing or for commercial purposes.You would find a charm for every writer in his articles.He is a guardian for all writers who wish to explore writing field on hubpages or through their personal blogs.

Especially his Monday edition ‘ A Writer’s mailbag’ is an interesting way of sharing his ideas with all the writers in order to help them fly.Not only this, his other work is full of wisdom too for other writers to learn and apply in their writings.

I pay my tributes to a wonderful person, a kind hearted man, an inspiration for writers, an extraordinary talented man, one and only Mr Bill Holland (billybuc).

Please accept my tribute Bill, my friend and brother from my side.

May God bless you and your wife always, and may He give you strength to carry on good work for writers and for humanity.

Generosity is the key of popularity

You would be thinking there are many great writers on hubpages, why only Bill Holland.To be honest, the reason behind the tribute is his kind heart to welcome everyone on hubpages.And to communicate with others either through his writings or through comments.

He is got the guts to admire other writers’ work and even he teaches all the ups and downs of writing work to let others spread their wings and fly.He knows the true meaning of this what he says in his every writing.

“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”

On hubpages, there are many talented writers, even more than Bill Holland, I followed many in the beginning but nobody bothers to follow back or even doesn’t reply to your comment thinking that you are nothing, just a new chap with many shortcomings like poor vocabulary, lots of grammer mistakes, no story structure or may be of different religion.

So why bother to waste your time to follow up on nobody, rather follow some popular writers who have written many books and it’s worth following them to get more famous.But dear great writers, being generous is a magic key to become popular and make special place in others’ heart.

I have seen a trend on here that some great authors don’t even bother to comment or even speak to anybody on hubpages, they silently publish their articles, get traffic and get the money.Accordaing to them, when you can get money by just publishing a hub, so why bother to make any friends or waste your time on newcomers.

And some tell new writers to get a degree first in creative writing before registering on their website blogs.As their blogs are only for specialist writers, not for new writers.

My message to such great writers who tell other writers to learn creative writing first before registering on their blogs is:

We newcomers, don’t need to register to your great fantastic blog after getting certificate in creative writing as we would have other opportunities then.Our purpose to register on some great writers blogs is to learn more.Why we would register if we already get a degree and experience in creative writing field.

Being Generous is a great way to get | Source

Being Generous is a great way to get | Source

Why have you linked your website blogs on hubpages?

I have a question for such writers who have linked their websites on hubpages just to visit them, with the label, cannot register without certificate in creative writing.

Why have you linked your website to your profile?

Well, I have answers which I think are the appropriate ones:

  1. When someone visits your website, you get clicks and that’s how adsense pays you.So linking your website is a great source of income on even one click.
  2. People visit your blog and comment there as well on your great writings, that‘s how you get more traffic and more comments.More people means more business, right.
  3. Whoever clicks on your website, checks your great books there, some on amazon, and some you have published through some other publications.They buy your books, so it means you get benefit through selling your books.
  4. Some people even hire you for their firms or for their businesses, so more money and more trade.

Is writing merely a trade business?

Now after examining all your writing trade centre, some questions arise into my mind:

  1. Is writing only a trade mark?
  2. Is this great profession is only for money?
  3. Have all the writers just written to get more followers and more traffic to get more money?
  4. A writer’s responsibility is to teach good values and to point out bad aspects of society.Where is that aim gone?
  5. Is everything only money and fame?
  6. History is full of such wonderful writers and poets who devoted themselves to serve humanity.Is all that just a book thing to learn?
  7. Practical writers are different from human fantasies about good writers?
I cannot smile after finding all this | Source

I cannot smile after finding all this | Source

A big sad face after digging this fact out

Well I say thank you to all such writers and want to tell them that:

Sorry, I don’t belong here then.

I cannot survive in such a harsh atmosphere where everything is just business and nothing else.What I learnt through my literature degree is that writing is a great way of expressing your feelings, your emotions, your community’s failings in order to bring a positive change.

And yes, you get reward at the end, you get some money, some fame at the end, and of course, people consider you as their mentors.There is not much difference in teaching and writing profession.

A teacher works in a classroom where he builds some little pioneers of future to get a bright future for the society.

And a writer works in his house, on his writing table, where he teaches whole mankind some precious gems of life and points out some dark aspects in order to make future shiny for his people.

But such people whose passion is only money.Even their writings are only for fame and business.I would like to tell them:

I am sorry you have failed whole writing profession.

Writing is worship

Some steps to help writers spread their wings and fly

If you would help others, you won’t lose anything, rather you would be more popular and would be more praised.

There are some tips for great writers to help newcomers spread their wings and fly in the sky:

  1. Hubpages is a great website to explore your writing skills for new hubbers and for professionals.Please save sometime to comment on new writers’ blogs as well to encourage their effort.Encouragment brings more work and it helps new writers to work harder.
  2. Publish such hubs which can be useful for new writers like how to write, how to be creative, how to write a good short story, how to write good dialogues.I know many have done so but some whose aim is just money, this is for them.
  3. Please don’t give any option to register on your blogs if your blogs are only for popular writers.It won’t embarrass new writers then.
  4. Speak through your comments, as good communicating skills are very necessary for becoming a great author.
  5. Make such blogs which can help new writers learn how to write effectively and how to become a good writer, do not just produce money, focus on teaching some guidlines to writing as well.
  6. Support others as much as possible to gain their writing skills, as nothing can compare your generosity.
  7. Don’t take readers as for granted, if you are unkind, nobody would read your work as social media is full of knowledge these days, readers can learn from somewhere else.They don’t need your writings if everything is just for business.
  8. Be kind and have a good heart, if you have then it would be seen.If you don’t, this would be abvious too.Kindness bears some great fruit which rudeness doesn’t.

Writer’s Note

My purpose of writing this hub is not to humiliate some writers, but to tell the truth about this great profession.Please don’t sacrifice this great skill over money.

Money cannot buy good readers, it can just soothe you for a limited period.

Fame comes after being generous, not only after publishing many articles or books.

Hopefully, some will learn here to help others is the magic wand to become a great author.

© 2018 Nikki Khan

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