How to write poetry.

Updated on September 12, 2019
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Poetry has been one of my ways to let out the steam that builds up inside me, time to time. So, why not help others let out their steam?

Do you prefer writing poetry, rather than crying in a corner? Me too.

We all are aware of how there are different ways in which a person expresses his or her pain. Some of us cry, some of us fight, some of us go around beating the shit out of every person near us, and some of us just become numb.

Well, a poet writes poetry.

Whatever the emotion is, if it surpasses a certain limit, words come out on their own accord. Because for us poets, it's better to pen down your emotions rather than to cry.

These ugly scars that we carry, we make them rhyme and people find them beautiful. And we all want to look beautiful. Feel beautiful. That makes us feel strong. Doesn't it?

Skies and sunrays. Cold winds as the sun sets.

Choosing the perfect muse.

A muse is something or someone who makes you bleed out your heart and make it art.

Nature does that for me.

So, how exactly do you write lines and turn them into poetry?

It is pretty simple!

• The first and foremost rule of writing poetry is being honest. Never lie or be fake when you're pouring your heart out. Write what you feel. There's nothing to be ashamed of. We all have weaknesses and that's what makes us exist. Our weaknesses make us be human, be alive and feel.

• Second most important thing is to feel. Close your eyes and feel the flow of wind passing by. Focus on the sweet chirping of the birds sitting outside your window. Think about roses and lilies, or any other flower that you like.

You need to feel in order to make others feel your thoughts.

• Write because you want to, not because you should.

• Smile, cry, scream, whisper. Do everything that makes you aware of your emotions and be proud of them. You are unique and you need to be aware of that. These emotions that you let out, these emotions that have been building up inside you like a hurricane, these emotions are going to set you free and make you beautiful and rare.


All we know, is how to break,

And set our wishes ablaze.

Because, we all are in fact,

Messed up in our own twisted ways.

— Ayesha Shaikh

Want to write something? Start now.

Write about bees and butterflies.

Write about stars spread in the skies.

Write about how you tried but still failed.

Write about all those forgotten, broken ties.

Because writing makes you build back your broken self and colour it vibrant and bright.

You are a writer and that is your strength.

Be proud of your scars.

Be proud of your overflowing emotions. Those are what make you write.

Writing is something which comes out on its own accord. You can't force it to start or stop.

And once you are aware of this, there's nothing or no one to stop you.

The world is filled with beautiful moments, waiting to be penned down.

You are one of a kind. So, obviously your feelings are one of a kind. And how you write what you feel is your own decision.

— Ayesha Shaikh

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