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How to Prepare for the Final End of Life-Death


Death is Part of Life

The most obvious final concern, which is the easiest to understand, is death. We exist now, but the day will come when we will not exist. Death comes and there is no escape from it. This is a horrible reality, and we react to it with deadly horror. In the words of Spinoza: "Everything tries to insist on its own existence. And the main existential conflict is the tension between the awareness of the inevitability of death and living."

We know about death from birth itself. Death is inherent in birth. Those who are born must die and those who die must be born again. If death is a certain and inevitable reality, why be afraid of it.

There is a famous couplet '"As soon as life with all its flourishes and adornments, enters the arena of the world stage, an instant smile comes on the heels of the Death."

New Life is full of hope, energy and all its flourishes but still its a prey in the hands of death. Death of a loved one is sometimes so painful that people end their own lives in despair. Sometimes dying is an easy solution to all worldly conflicts and difficulties. That is why so many people commit suicide when faced with problems.

Anyway, death is a reality and as age advances, one is more and more aware of its inevitability and dreads it. This fear of death has to be overcome. If it is God's will, let it be fulfilled, welcome it wholeheartedly.


New Man

A tree, in its entirety and perfection, can flower and bear fruit. Man is a tree that has not yet blossomed. Man has had a very dark and sad past. Man's past has been the dark night of his soul. Man has always been under pressure, and this is the reason for his militancy. Pressure enhances human resilience. We have now reached the point where we have to start a new project. A world of light must be created and a new man. A person who is no longer wandering between this and that. A man who is a mixture of both. The man who is both earthly and heavenly. The man who accepts the whole of his being and does not split it. There is no rift in him, and he has a God who is both the creator of good and the creator of evil and his morality. He has jumped over the fence of duality and is no longer a dual psychopath, the new world is created by a new person. The idea of ​​a new man has a completely different foundation. He is both a poet, a mystic and a scientist, he has no stereotyped personality, he is amazingly his own.
The foundation of my teachings is to prove the new man and to deny the humanoid, the humanoid is not a natural being. He is the product of his environment, he is the cause of a handful of ill-considered beliefs and the plaything of some anti-privacy politicians.


Psychological Solutions

The psychological solutions to overcome the fear of death are following. They may not work in each and every case. Some may help in some cases. Actually, everyone has to adopt one's own strategy. There can be no patent formula applicable to all. You select your own solutions:

1. The first is an attitude of surrender to a Supreme being. If He wishes us to depart, we have to obey.

2. Never be afraid of dyeing- look at nature- old leaves fall giving place to new -so one has to end one day.

3. Enjoy the change-

4. Always Remember it

When life is in darkness and nothing is right...Remember just remember Through the darkness, ALLAH is The Light

When nothing makes sense And your heading for demise. Remember just remember it doesn't make sense but ALLAH is The Wise.

When times are troubled and no one seems to care...Remember just remember ALLAH won't hurt you, He is The Fair

When you are weak and the road seems long...Remember just remember to Seek strength from ALLAH, The Strong

When life is a burden And everything is unstable...Remember just remember ALLAH is The Able

When you are down in your misery and there is nowhere to run...Remember just remember you can always run to ALLAH

When you are all alone and your pain has no end...Remember just remember ALLAH is The one to Mend

And when your scars are hurting and your heart is in fear...Remember just remember ALLAH is always Here

Allah is always there for you no matter what. So turn back to Him and remember Him


Life Full of Events

Each of us should expect events to happen to us every month with a probability of one in a million. Ignoring the astronomical number of events that we deem worthless makes us unable to detect the occurrence of improbable events. Events that are significant to us, such as winning a lottery or waking up to your mother's ring while seeing your mother dream that you have been contacted, are only a small fraction of the countless meaningless events that are likely to occur. To the same extent or even less, such as the chance of seeing the mother's bell and running out of milk at seven in the morning five days later; As statistician David India explains:

"Life is full of events, big and small, and with so many of these things happening to us, we should expect amazing things to happen, although each of these events is incredibly unlikely when viewed separately. they will be."

After observing events that are very unlikely to occur, we may think that the laws of nature have been broken, and we may use supernatural explanations to make these events seem logical; But no matter how unlikely it may be, this does not mean that unnatural justifications are more likely. In particular, we must bear in mind that by accepting such justifications, we have practically agreed that the scientific models of nature, which have consistently and accurately explained and predicted many natural events, simply because we are witnessing an event. We were unlikely, they are wrong
Moreover, careful analysis of such "miracles" has never shown us evidence of the existence of the supernatural, but in fact in many cases proved to be nothing more than worthless tricks of magic, illusions and initial misunderstanding.


Depressed vs Happy Person

A depressed person becomes angry or saddened by a bad ending in the face of a flow that is equally likely to be good or bad, but does not rejoice at a good ending.

On the contrary, a happy person is neither angry nor sad about a bad end, but happy about a good end.

If nine of the ten decisions of a person suffering from depression are successfully implemented, that person will not feel happy, but will be angry about one unsuccessful case. On the contrary, a happy person can comfort himself and be happy with only one success.


Dr Sleep (author) from Pak on July 24, 2020:

Great to hear from you, sir

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on July 24, 2020:

Very interesting. I fall into the Mark Twain category. I have been told twice that I would die sooner than later. Boy were they wrong ;-) But this gave a lot to think about.

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