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How to Maintain Positive Energy In A Negative World


I'm now thirty-eight years old. I turned thirty-eight on Thanksgiving Day, and since turning another year older, I feel wiser and even more mature than in previous years. I've learned to put myself first and foremost. That wasn't an easy thing to accomplish, as I'll admit, I used to be a people-pleaser. I used to put other people's needs, wants, and requests before mine, because I cared about others, (including those whom I didn't even consider close friends or family) more than I cared about myself.

However, I've learned that I come first, my needs, my wants, and my requests come first. I've also learned to know my self-worth, to know that I am worth everything. I've learned to love myself truly as I am. There were many years when I felt worthless, when I felt like nothing, but not anymore.

I've learned to not let anyone take me out of my character. There are plenty of people out here, whom I'd like to call energetic parasites, they work daily to try to get you into a state of anger or even depression. They do this so they can feed off of the negative emotions that come from a person expelling those emotions. I've learned to control those negative emotions and not expel them for anyone or anything. I've learned not to feed the energetic parasites.

When someone insults me or is rude and/or nasty to me, I've learned to handle them with an intelligent response instead of stooping down to their level and allowing them to feed off of the negative, emotional energy that they're trying to expel from me. Don't let anyone take you out of your character, no matter what. You learn to practice that and one part of your life will get much easier.

I can't tell you how many times previously where I've gotten into shouting matches and cursing arguments on social media, including Twitter, with people who decided to turn normal conversations and debates into insult-ridden arguments, not anymore. I've learned the people who seek to get me angry are not worth my time and they're not worth me expelling any negative emotion over.

I've learned how to deal with the times when I get depressed and down about life. When I get down and depressed about life, I practice things like meditation and even light maladaptive daydreaming (which is nothing more than astral projection), whereas I travel, via my mind to a universe where my positive thoughts and wishes manifest into my own created reality, and it gives me hope, it gives me something to look forward to when this life is over, because contrary to popular belief, life doesn't end with this reality. So when things in life get hard, I know there's a fascinating, beautiful universe that I can travel to when life gets tough.

And now, don't think that things never get tough for me anymore and/or that I don't have life problems, or that I don't still suffer from bouts of depression, I do, everyone does, but I know how to handle it now, and with the way I handle it, I always, repeat, always come out of the way I handle it, feeling so much better - mentally and emotionally.

I've learned to not wear my heart on my sleeve any longer, and let me explain this, there were times when I would literally give someone my last five dollars. I'd care about and show concern about people who wouldn't and didn't even think about me for one second. I was always so, so nice to people who didn't accept this as me just genuinely having a good, kind heart.

This would cause me great hurt and emotional pain when the people I was doing this to would in return, treat me as if I didn't even exist. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can bring you hurt and pain. Now, I'm not saying don't show humanity, don't be kind to others, no. What I'm saying is guard your heart, guard your niceness, friendliness and your kindness, because not everyone has the same heart as you. Put walls up around your heart until you know it's safe to take them down around and with the right people.

These are all life lessons that have made my life a little easier. This world, which I very much like to call a matrix-type world, and the people in it, are designed to feed off of negative emotions, whether it be negative emotions regarding life problems/issues, relationship issues, self-esteem/confidence issues, or whatever, and what this world feeds off of in this life, will negatively affect a person when they cross over to the afterlife.

This is why it's pertinent for people to not allow this world and some of the people in it to force negative energy and emotions out of them. It's pertinent for people to not allow this world and some of the people in it to feed off of any expelled negative energy. When negative thoughts come into your mind about yourself and your life, tune them out via hard meditation and astral projection, a.k.a light maladaptive daydreaming. Start speaking to your soul and your pineal gland brain (which is your real brain) via positive, verbal affirmations that you speak to yourself, daily, and start listening to music (not songs but music) that uplifts the chakras and the esteem of the soul, for me, one of the artists that I listen to is Loreena McKennitt, because she makes music, not songs, that is uplifting to the soul and that has helped me mentally and emotionally.

Learn these life lessons and watch your life start to change for the better.

~ P.M.

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