How to Find Love Playing Wordfeud

Updated on June 19, 2018

Wordfeud Ettiquette

  • Not letting too much time pass between words. For instance, 72 hours is too long of a lapse between words.
  • No cheating or using online Scrabble decoders
  • Clean and friendly chatting.
  • No obscene picture displays.
  • Respect your opponents playing style--which may be slow or fast.
  • Don't rush or bully an opponent into making a word play.

(For further discussion of Wordfeud Etiquette:

A Game Called Scrabble

Who doesn't love Scrabble? My intention of joining Wordfeud, which is a version of online Scrabble, was to just play a game. I loved Scrabble and what better way to kill time and to engage in a relaxing game after a stressful day of work than to play something that was semi-mindless.

But I soon found out that Wordfeud was more than just a game of Scrabble. There were men and women playing Scrabble in a cut-throat manner while there were others playing to hook up.There were lonely people, nice people, rude people and shy people. There were all shapes and sizes and all colors of people.

There were also all kinds of pictures of these people and odd representations. There were avatars and partially clothed and naked people. There were pretty people and not-so-pretty people. People holding beer cans and women kissing their boyfriends. There were cartoon figures and things who were not human.

There were people from all over the United States and from abroad.

Wordfeud had everything, just like life.

The story began when I played a random opponent, a woman named AngelnLongBeach. She was from California and I was from Pennsylvania. Little did we know that our games of Scrabble would lead to something big and beautiful. It would lead us to change our lives completely.

Wordfeud on iPad
Wordfeud on iPad | Source

You Find Out A Lot About a Person on Wordfeud

You find out a lot about a person on Wordfeud by just their picture. Are they slutty? Are they dorky? Are they pompous or accessible or condescending?

Once you play the game, you quickly find out how competitive they are. Are they overly competitive? Or do they lack enthusiasm and go through the motions? I liked those who were in the middle. They were passionate but didn't go overboard.

You find out if they are literate, average intelligence, or mentally slow by the words that they use.

Some people use decoders to cheat. Others try to bully you into playing a turn before you are ready. While others are friendly and patient.

You find out if the person is positive and encouraging by their comments. Or some play with anger and tease and insult you when you are losing.

When I played AngelnLongBeach, she had many of the qualities that I admired. Her picture was appropriate and casual. She would praise me for good words and her comments were endearing. She was honest and had just the right degree of enthusiasm. She was present in the game and enjoyed playing mainly because she loved words.

Our hands joined by Wordfeud
Our hands joined by Wordfeud | Source

A Word Game Evolves into Love

In six months of playing Scrabble we formed a very strong connection. We began to dissuss our future together. We still played Scrabble, but the game was becoming secondary to our relationship.

I wanted to leave Pennsylvania for a new lifestyle in California. We wanted a relationship in the same time zone. Together we planned out the details of our future. With each word played, and with each game that we finished on Wordfeud--our relationship evolved.

In six months we had a long distance relationship. We were in different time zones, her Pacific and me Eastern--but we were on the same page. It didn't matter if every night I stayed up past my bedtime. We watched TV shows together and got excited about our baseball and football teams. We found out a lot about each other without much live contact. We used our iPhones and Facetime to tuck each other into bed every night and said good morning when the sun rose each day.

I flew to California in October and we spent a few wonderful days on the beach in the sunshine. Then she came to visit me on Thanksgiving in the cold and chill. I took her for a tour of historic Pennsylvania and kissed near the Liberty Bell. While this was all going on, I had my house up for sale and was planning to move to California by New Year's Day. It all worked out perfectly. AngelnLongBeach flew to Pennsylvania and drove cross-country to California with me. We packed everything in my compact car and headed West to start a new life together.

Would you have a long-distance relationship?

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Tips on Having a Long Distance Relationship

  • Trust. For whatever reason I trusted AngelnLongbeach and she trusted me. We both had faith in each other.
  • Shared Interests. We both love sports, the arts, movies, traveling, and of course--Scrabble!
  • Gifts. We would send each other thoughtful and romantic messages throughout the day.
  • Chatting daily. We chatted several times a day and always talked to each other in an honest and respectful way.
  • Visits. We arranged two visits before finally deciding to live together.


The happy couple.  Thank you Wordfeud!
The happy couple. Thank you Wordfeud! | Source

Two Years Later

Two years have passed. I am living with AngelnLongBeach and we are extremely happy. Things are so good that sometimes we pinch ourselves thinking that we must be dreaming. But it is not a dream. It is very real. We get along. We laugh, we go places, we dance, we eat, and we sing. We are enjoying California like no other couple. We have gone up and down the beautiful state of California and we plan to expand our traveling to other Western states and, perhaps, to Hawaii.

As for Wordfeud, AngelnLongBeach still occasionally plays. Not me, however--Wordfeud did its job and I have no use for it anymore. But I will always remember what those little letters in the squares meant to me. It was much more than a game of Scrabble. It was a game about love.

Any of the readers out there with similar experiences with Wordfeud? I would really like to hear your feedback and relationship experiences connected to online games.


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    • profile image


      8 days ago

      Bit hypocritic that you played to chat girls up and now you found one she is not allowed to do it anymore... you will be looking over her shoulder all the time. you know it, i know it.

    • Mark Tulin profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Tulin 

      4 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Yes we are still in love. But we aren't playing Wordfeud anymore. It served its purpose. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love this story!! Hope you guys are still in love!


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