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How to Cook by Eric

Hello, people. I try to write like you and I could sit down together and read it. I really do not publish until I like the story.

Pebbles and Skipping Stones

This just struck me as being rich like food.

This just struck me as being rich like food.

I get Dried Basil, Cilantro and Oregano Mixed Up So Use All Three

First let’s not get crazy here. Heck if I know how to cook. Part owner of two restaraunts in my day and I still cannot spell restaurant. I can wash dishes better than you, hands down. I can make boot leather into a fine steak but I cook like a fool on fire. I just cook.

I live in a desert with no air conditioning. Ergo I eat as much salt as I like. It just sweats out in the kitchen and garden and hikes. I cut way down on salt as in no table salt and no processed foods. It was a disaster. I both love and disdain processed foods. As a cancer patient I rally against sodium benzoate and the like. If it says raw/unfiltered/natural/ non-GMO/pure/organic with no added contents I am all in with peanut butter and honey. And danged near anything with like resume’s. Most at least partly true and least I partly believe them. Hey better than not.

Now about all fancy pantsy “oranics”. Bring it on, it is about half true. That is cool don’t go all hang out in the woods and grown your own and starve in the winter on me. Ok I admit I cook barefoot. I eat more fruit from all natural neighbor’s trees than store bought. Call me a freak. I like Beefalo all grass fed and mean and lean. Call me an antagonist.

There are these two twin concepts of eating lessor portions and chewing more. And what the heck I drink near 100 ounces of water each day and a good portion of that is Apple Cider Vinegar and/or lemon water.

And then we circle back to the smaller portions. I can go all nuts on paying more for more “organic” because I spend less on the amounts of food. So eat less and pay less? That is marvelous in my pea sized mind. (I do not care for peas)

Around these parts my young boy and I get nutso on ball games and salads. I can danged well make a salad into a perfect triangle of food nutrition and we sweat enough and play enough where we need not care about salt or sugars. Every minute of play/gardening and trimming in the sun gives us another gram of indulgence. An active life is such an amazing gift as to stuffing yourself crazy with food. There are three sodas in our fridge – my wild Viet wife uses them in broths of all things, we do not drink them. Tamarindo candy is had a bit and frozen yogurt is the bomb. Fast food is delighted in about 1 time a month.

Boy do we love our food around here. A tiny wife, a growing boy and a growing older old man makes for fun. Yahoo let us look at cooking.

As a Degreed Philosopher and Preacher Man, This Is Truth, beyond!

No Limits

Yes the boy can now spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "antidisestablishmentarianism" but won't eat Lima beans - got it from me.

Yes the boy can now spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "antidisestablishmentarianism" but won't eat Lima beans - got it from me.


This is science truth; a meal prayed over yields more vital nutrients than one not. Check it out neuro science has so concluded fully. And no not “rub a tub bub, three men in a tub yea grub”. Although my boy and I say that for fun like our American Sign Language love to each other. Alright signing butterflies is up there to. And sweet and good is signed. Sorry but we are not daft or deaf we just like ASL. Maybe a better way to say thanks dad and god for this great food. I don’t know but sign has more emotive type stuff, excuse me, back to the fact that I am the greatest Chef in all the world. When they say a dash I say a dash of love also. When they say a tablespoon I go with an ounce of happy too. My recipe is contained in my recipe for happy. My spices are made of the good of mankind. And the sweetness is brewed from the love of the plant. Sorry but we are not vegetarians although our diet leans that way. But I am totally insane and think of plant life as sentient as animal. Weird I know but accurate. You basically need to kill to live. Get over it.

Should we really be talking so much about food? I go more for the personality of food. Yes baby the cook’s and the food’s. I like my women tart – grrr. I like my men friends macho be gatcho. Or maybe fem de la la femme. Each like spice has it’s qualities. My young boy “hates” mustard but just came to realize that it is a spice and as it goes into the mix it creates the Picasso. Sorry I teach the poor boy such terms. I know mustard has a bad rap as a spice but that is silly.

Here is a fun one; gay men and cooking go hand in hand. Ok I admit I am gay as in gaiety. I just love to pounce around my kitchen and act gay. Flour on the nose and grease on the shirt is special. And many would call it sexy if the smell of food is right. Even If I am cooking something else I use a spice of garlic and onion and cumin and turmeric in a pan lightly heated to bring scent into my kitchen. Go ahead and call me an alchemic sorcerer but I do not wear cologne. Plus I just add that fantastic extra extra extra virgin olive oil and make a sauce. How can one be extra extra virgin? You are either pregnant or not. Jeesh.

My Food Needs a Little Help From My Loved Ones Like You


So I do a Watercress and Dandelion salad from under their feet and in that street.

So I do a Watercress and Dandelion salad from under their feet and in that street.

You Can Run But Not Hide

Oh boy we are at that time to talk food. Is Stevia as good as sugar and is salt substitute as good as what it substitutes for as in the real deal. Are salt and sugar bad for you? Yes if you are a couch portato. No! A good thirty minute work out, say gardening between 6 and ten in the morning or and its better be also 5-7 in the sun is awesome. I like walks and ball games with my son also. Sweat some. Stink it up. Get that heart rate just a pumpin the juice baby. Engage the sweat and indulge in salt and sugar. How cool is that?

My kitchen is filled with do’s and don’t’s. My wife does not cook well with others. Her loss. My young boy and I “achieve” “Nailed it” together. How to cook requires two to do. Too much fun. Too much love. The boy says; “too dry, how about some H20 and a smidgeon of oil or should we go with mayo and lemon juice? What the heck if we fail. We got tates and fruit and a monster salad as backups.

So “How to Cook?” Bring it on baby. Lordy I almost missed music and sniffing. Fine, alright then dancing. Squirting sauces while in a twirl add real juice. You must do a pirouette for a splash and a fancy two step for a squirt. (we think table and teaspoon? ;-) We do not go hungry.

“oh won’t neighbors John and Mary love this” – maybe not but who cares? They will love my boy delivering it.

Life comes from food and food comes from life and all life is made better with love. How to cook is as easy peasy as how to love.

My thanks to Carb Deva to rebirthing me to the kitchen. And for Dredcuan for the ease of being a food guy on the fly. I gain weight and a smile just by thinking of them. And not to leave out with all this food loving I have lost 54 pounds in 3 and a half months and am now a proper weight – learn from BMI don’t worship it.

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