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How to Argue and Stay Out of Jail

Kenneth, if you have followed him, is not a self-promoter. He can write about most anything. No, he is not a boastful guy.

I Attribute Most of The Confusion

and arguments to the root: folks who do not know how to communicate successfully. And by the same token, if a problem arises, they lose their ability to argue if an issue cannot be solved. Soon curse words are exchanged along with vulgar hand gestures followed by more cursing and stomping to their cars. An event that happens every day.

Case in point: have you ever visited a big department store during the Christmas holiday season? I have. I did not walk over the entire store, but focused on the service desk, the nerve center of this store . The ideal verbal battleground between disgruntled customers and testy employees. Why the service desk is so popular is simple. Customers visit this island in the store to either exchange items they purchased or things that were given to them as gifts. Most people had rather have scratch instead of exchanging their gift for another. (Note: scratch means money. I use this word to honor the late Dr. Hunter. S. Thompson).

If you want to know a fact that will blow your mind, then try to understand that in our world, 24-hours a day, in daylight and dark, there is an argument happening even if it is small or mediocre. The thing is, arguing is a valuable tool. One that can be used to keep one’s vanity intact and to tear down another person whom we see as superior. That is how arguing works. The first known case of arguing is found in the Bible with the first sons of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. The two were working in a field talking about how God accepted Abel’s sacrifice and turned back Cain’s offering. One word led to another and soon Abel killed Cain and took his innocent blood.

We can take these words and ideas to grasp another power of knowledge and just hope to cope with the temptation of arguing if not for the reason of walking away from a heated debate.

Some people love to argue.

Some people love to argue.

Here Are Some Ways How to Argue and Stay Out of Jail:

  • Never go into any argument with a frown or scowl on your face. It spells you are out for trouble and a troubled person is no match for the person with all of his or her wits.
  • Never argue with people who only talk in half-sentences and say “uh” and “er” so much that, if you are not careful, you will do the same thing and be equally ignorant.
  • Never get into any argument with your fists clenched. This is THE sure sign that you are not there to just argue, but fight with your fists.
  • Avoid using profanities as you make your defensive points in your argument, and this really means to stop cursing the person who is arguing against you.
  • Do not be a stump-in-the-ground. As the person who is arguing with you who thinks you are nothing but a stump-in-the-ground has already lost the argument.
  • Telling tales of your life of growing up never helps win an argument. Your opponent is not concerned about your life from ages six to ten.

These have been ways for you to argue incorrectly without the cops coming with their blue lights shining ready to slap the metal bracelets on your wrists. The next segment is about arguing like a champion in the arena.

  • Always stare smack into the eyes of your opponent. This gives him or her the feeling that you are a force to be reckoned with.
  • If your opponent is bigger than you, resort to using those big, complex words as to stump the bigger opponent. Although this tip should not be used that much because as he or she is trying to figure-out what words you have just said might give you the time to skedaddle-away shows that you are a coward at heart and heroes always stand their ground.
  • Smile before you start your argument. And let your opponent begin talking. Believe me. The psychological edge goes to you.
  • Start eating a big sub-sandwich as you enter the argument and then ask the perso who is angry at you and means to argue if they would like something to eat as well? Showing compassion is tough for any opponent for they do not know how to handle it. Many arguments have been won by not saying one word.
  • As you start the argument, ask off-candor questions such as: How much cash do you have? Does your car use diesel or regular gasoline? Or this one: did you ever go to the Army? These questions and more off-candor questions will cause your opponent’s mind to be disturbed so he or she cannot continue the argument.

Questions You Need to Ask Before Arguing:

  • Is it really worth the effort to spend your energy with arguing about any topic?
  • Does arguing really make you a better person?
  • Does arguing let your opponent and his or her friends hold you in respect or hatred?
  • Can your life be happy and successful by NOT arguing? (This might be the main question.)

This has been a few tips on how to help you if you are prone to arguing. Remember. Losing arguments does not mean that you are ignorant. And losing arguments will help you keep a clean criminal record.

August 31, 2020___________________________________________

This woman has had enough stupidity, so she stands her ground.

This woman has had enough stupidity, so she stands her ground.

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