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How Would the World Change If Vampires Were Real?

Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.


How would the world change if vampires were real? In this scenario, we’ll use the classic case of vampires who used to be human, require blood, and collapse into nothing upon exposure to sunlight.

If vampires rise to feed on the living and lack intelligence, we may put them down like rabid dogs or treat them like the dangerously mentally ill. For the same of simplicity, we’ll assume vampires retain some intelligence and thus could be reasoned with most of the time. What would humanity have to do then if vampires were found to be real?

If vampires were real, we'd have to accommodate them.

If vampires were real, we'd have to accommodate them.

How the World Changes If Vampires Come Out of the Coffin

The definition of dead and alive becomes quite problematic. The law gets changed when someone without a heartbeat could argue with you.
We’d have arguments over whether or not horror movies need to stop featuring vampires as the bad guys or movie studies are required to hire vampires for such roles.
Any emo kid and people who have already claimed to be psychic vampires becomes a target for vampire hunters.
The same risk of accusations of vampirism strikes anyone who seems to be defying the passage of time; this could dampen cosmetic surgery as an industry or result in people periodically having makeup free photos taken to prove they are not vampires.
Vampire hunting, if there are even still some vampires killing humans for food, becomes a job for law enforcement. The vampires could be arrested and charged with murder for anyone they kill.
Reality shows with wannabe vampire hunters appear on TV.
“They became vampires/were killed by vampires” becomes the go to explanation in any missing person case.
We’d legalize payment for blood donation as a way to satisfy demand by vampires.
If there are child vampires, the courts have to decide if a 50 year old vampire in an 8 year old body is legally an adult.
If exposure to a tiny bit of blood makes vampires go crazy with an urge to kill, you’d see people opting for laser hair removal to eliminate the risk of nicks and cuts shaving while tools to safely open cans sell by the millions if you ever have vampires around.
We’d have legal cases open up as soon as they “came out of the coffin” with people who posed as dead upon conversion now coming back to fight for their estates.
We’d have arguments over whether converting someone involuntarily to vampire status was murder, assault or infection with a deadly pathogen.
Vampires would be studied so we could learn from how they keep their bodies “alive” and stall aging for humans.
The sale of anything that deterred vampires would become a top industry, while scientific tests would begin to determine what actually constituted a good deterrent.
Scientists would study how vampires can consume the blood of people with hepatitis, HIV, malaria and other diseases in an effort to design new ways to fight those pathogens.
We’d have arguments as to whether vampires have to have population control so they don’t become too numerous. Some of them may even kill others voluntarily to avoid putting strain on the food supply.
If vampires could subsist even partially on animal blood, you’d see slaughter houses selling that to them for extra profit. This could make meat eating by humans more ethical, since the animals are going to be slaughtered anyway.
If vampires could consume animal blood, expect them to be hired as pest control working at night. They’d feed on the animals they caught, solving the problem of how to kill the pests without chemicals.
You could see illegal farming of humans for blood, though authorities would treat this as kidnapping and illegal imprisonment under existing laws.
Expect the government to collect blood from prisoners to give to vampires if it wants to mollify that population. This would be simpler and safer than selling it to blood banks since vampires can’t get HIV.
If vampires have a very strong need to kill their targets, the death penalty would become routine for many crimes and the executioner would be a vampire. Officials would make sure the criminal was dead and not converted before saying the sentence had been carried out.
Cord blood could be routinely harvested at hospitals as a delicacy for vampires.
Vampires might “farm” humans using illegal enticements like drugs. This was demonstrated in “Buffy, Vampire Slayer”; a vampire gave humans drugs in exchange for permission to feed. We’d still consider the distribution and use of illegal drugs as a crime.
Flood lights tied to home security systems would be switched from standard LED bulbs to UV bulbs.
Vampires confirmed to be centuries old would be interviewed by historians.
At least one vampire would become a critic of vampire movies or hired as a sensitivity reader for books like “Twilight”.
The sales of homes in the middle of the desert or open grasslands would spike due to demand by those who want the safety of large open sunlit spaces.
Vampires could be hired as night watchmen and security guards. A few unscrupulous business owners and drug lords could authorize them to eat whoever caused trouble.
Anemia and hemophilia may become more common because vampires don’t want to feed from them. Some humans may fake or attempt to replicate these conditions for their safety.

© 2017 Tamara Wilhite

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