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How We Can Make Ourselves Be Remembered After Our Demise

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


This article describes why it is important for us to consider how we want to be remembered and how we can make ourselves be remembered after we expire. I give you the reason and demonstrate a variety of ways we could make it in history.

Why We Should Consider How We Want to be Remembered

First of all, you were put on this earth for a life purpose. Once you discover it, yes, you can carry it on. But all the same, you need to ask yourself how you want to be remembered after you leave this world. This is because you want to make a difference that you lived at all, and you make that difference through serving your life purpose.

Ways to Make Ourselves Remembered

There are many ways as a matter of fact: being philanthropic, inventing something useful for mankind, putting forth scientific views and facts that were so far not discussed, or contributing to the nation and world through books, journals, conferences, articles, and blogs, etc. All these ideas are superb for us to make a name for ourselves if we put in the effort frankly speaking. You just choose one that speaks to you and concentrate, persevere, and work on it. This is, in fact, your life purpose.

Being Philanthropic

By carrying on your life mission, let us assume that you have made a financial breakthrough. Now you want to help others through donations. You could help orphanages and disaster victims like war, flood, cyclone and tsunami victims. You could also donate to funds for ill children suffering from cancer. Likewise, you could help out old homes where the elderly people could be equipped with better facilities, and you name it. You could also establish schools and hospitals, and the list goes on.

Invent Something Useful for Mankind

You could be working in a renowned company. You put that to full advantage by inventing more useful applications for cell phones and smartphones. You could invent tinier digital gadgets as little as your thumb. Anything is possible so long you focus and put your mind to it.

Put Forth New Scientific Views and Facts

Read all the scientific material that is available, as much as you can, over the web and also physical books. You are likely to hit upon new ideas and make them known through publications in journals and conferences.

Contribute to the World

I just mentioned the contribution of new scientific views and facts in journals and conferences. You can also contribute to the world through self-development books, fictions, and other hobbies like gardening, fishing, music, art, travel, etc. integrated into the form of books, article series and/or blogs.

How You Should Word Your Epitaph

You contribute your big ideas to the world but someday you are going to leave this world. So it is better you prepare the wording of your epitaph that would be placed on your gravestone. It may seem crazy but when you reflect over it, you will find that it is not a bad suggestion. Your gravestone bears an epitaph in a way you would like and be happy.

An epitaph on your grave may represent your life journey, a true reflection of your life in short. I would like my epitaph to be along with this approach.

Epitaphs can also be funny without bearing gloominess, rather fully vibrant and lively. Many people prefer this approach as well.

I Would Like My Epitaph to be Just Like This!

I Would Like My Epitaph to be Just Like This!

A Funny Epitaph

A Funny Epitaph


In conclusion, this article demonstrates why and how we should consider ourselves to be remembered long after our passing. I mentioned being philanthropic, inventing something beneficial for the human race, bringing about innovative scientific thoughts and ideas in journals and conferences as well as contributing to the world in the various niches in the form of books, articles, and blogs, etc.

All of the above help to make a difference that you lived at all. You make that difference following your life purpose. Therefore, it is important for you to know where your skills and talents lie and take up your life purpose accordingly. Then you are sure to make yourself a name in history for generations to come. It may be mentioned here that having your epitaph ready on your would be grave is a plus. An epitaph, in your own words, which makes you contented, will be appreciated by your soul and spirit and others as well.

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