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How I Learned To Hate the Hammer

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

WikimediaImages is the creator of this image.

WikimediaImages is the creator of this image.

Some of you reading this article of mine here may believe that I am attempting to get a pet peeve off my chest. However, I know that I cannot be the only one here in the United States of America or even in the entire world who notices this one major noise nuisance that has tormented me periodically through the years. It's the dreaded feeling that you get when you're lying snuggly in your bed and comfortably in a deep sleep. Then, all of a sudden, the banging noise of a hammer awakens you from your repose, and you realize that some jerk is hammering away outside somewhere in your neighborhood. You know right then that you're never going to fall back asleep, because he won't stop pounding away with his hammer.

If you call the authorities on him, they will only tell you that the noise ordinance does not apply to him after the sun rises up from the horizon. Somehow carpenters, construction workers, and even regular civilians always seem to have loopholes in the noise-nuisance laws that allow them to go on driving the entire world crazy with their loud hammers. It's definitely that way in my community and in the jurisdiction where I live. There is no getting away from that excruciating noise exhibited in the video below.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Would you believe that YouTube actually has videos of this awful noise that last for an hour or longer than that? Who really likes to listen to all of this racket? Simon and Garfunkel even once released a song back in 1970 titled "El Condor Pasa" wherein they were singing about how they preferred to be a hammer rather than a nail. Here is the song below.

"El Condor Pasa" by Simon and Garfunkel from 1970

I once heard that this song brought Simon and Garfunkel bad luck, because the original Peruvian artists who had previously released this song turned around and sued them for copyright infringement. Oh, no! Songs with lyrics about hammers are even causing problems for singers and musicians. How much worse can it get? What is one to do? There is even a dangerous shark named after the hammer. It's called the hammerhead shark.

Only A Strong Rainstorm Can Stop The Hammering

If I lived in a housing development where new residences were still being built, I guess I would have to expect this noise nuisance with hammers. Yes, I get it. In the heat of the summer, these carpenters and construction workers want to get outside to do their hammering before the temperature rises to an unbearable one. However, I live in a community where no new residences are being built.

Neighbors just have to get new roofing, a makeover of their wooden fence, or a makeover of their deck. Otherwise, they are not happy. When you get into a situation where you have to work a night shift, there is simply no getting away from this loud hammering in the morning.

You wake up to the loud pounding of a hammer one morning. You feel like taking that hammer and breaking it in half or even throwing it into the nearest lake. Of course, you find out that the culprit is on a ladder too high up for you or anyone to get to them. You still want to scream at this hammerer from the top of your lungs to cut the racket. However, because of all of the loud banging and pounding, you would need a megaphone to get him to hear you.

There simply seems to be no relief in sight from this awful noise nuisance. You probably have never felt more outraged than you do at that point in time. However, it seems as though these hammerers hold all the legal cards. Then you realize that the only thing that can save you from this ongoing aggravation is Mother Nature herself, and you beg her for help.

One morning when I was sound asleep and had intended to sleep in, I was rudely awakened to the sound of hammering. Horror images were going through my head of walking through the day like a zombie who didn't know when he was going to get his next good night's sleep. Then this very beautiful sound replaced all the racket. A heavy rainstorm had made its way from the sky, and the carpenters were cussing loudly left and right inasmuch as they probably had intended upon hammering that entire morning.

I couldn't help but to laugh. It felt so good that Mother Nature had stepped in and had rescued me from this insanity. Yea! I was going to get to sleep in late that morning. Those carpenters were not going to be filling my bedroom up with hammering noise that, in figurative words, would register as 10.0 on the Richter scale. Those carpenters were not going to sabotage my holy sleep. Instead, they would be going home and calling their customer to schedule their return for some other day.

Sometimes the wind blows some luck in your direction when you simply do not wish for loud hammerers to rob you of your precious sleep. The rain starts coming down in buckets, and these hammerers have to put a stop to their loud pounding and banging. Some of these hammerers may attempt to continue on hammering through the pouring rain, but, fortunately, Mother Nature reminds them that she is superior to them and they finally call it quits for the day. Unfortunately, suck luck is a rare commodity. Your morning of sleep is much more likely to be ruined by loud hammering than not. What is one to do?

Knowing About Hammering Ahead Of Time Can Sometimes Make A Difference

I used to have TVE (Televisión Española or "Spanish Television" in English) on my television channel lineup. There was this one news report about the tenants of a building suffering from severe health problems there in Spain, because there was 24/7 construction going on in the building lot across the street from them and there was loud hammering and the likes at all hours of the night. Therefore, they barely got any sleep.

I can be thankful that I do not live in a nation where the laws regarding noise nuisances are as lax as they are in Spain. However, I believe that the laws in my jurisdiction should be better-equipped at addressing noise nuisances such as hammering.

If you are lucky enough to live in a community that has a homeowner's association to whom you pay monthly or yearly dues, you may wish to bring it to their attention that your community needs some kind of rule in place that requires someone to inform his neighbors that there will be loud construction work going on at their residence at a certain time and date.

In my humble opinion, nobody should have to work their sleep schedule around other people's hammering and loud noises. However, if you are able to find out when there is going to be hammering in your neighborhood beforehand, you will at least have the opportunity to go to bed earlier than you do so that you will be awake by the time the hammering in your neighborhood starts on the following morning.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this problem. It is better if your elected officials or other lawmakers can simply make it illegal for anyone to hammer in the early hours of the morning, especially on the weekends. Then again, I suppose that carpenters and construction workers would protest such laws inasmuch as they have to deal with the sweltering, hot sun in the summertime and the coolness of the mornings are likely more agreeable with their health.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images created this image.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images created this image.


I have nothing against carpenters or construction workers. I know that nobody can understand how hard their work is unless that individual has worked in manual labor themselves. Mike Rowe talks about the importance of carpenters and construction workers as blue-collar workers who contribute their skill set to society, and I have very high regards for him. However, it gets really ridiculous whenever loud hammering goes on in the early hours of the morning for an inordinate number of days.

Elected officials need to revamp our noise-nuisance laws so that hammerers cannot start pounding away in the morning while people are still trying to sleep. It is insane that these hammerers have free range to pound away in the wee hours of Saturday or Sunday morning without some kind of guidelines or laws in place to prevent them from doing so.

Taking the necessary measures to be informed ahead of time on when these hammerers will be in your neighborhood, making their loud noise, will be a step in the right direction. However, a great amount of legislative action needs to be taken on these situations.

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