How I Handle Self Isolation

Updated on April 1, 2020
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A retired guy that remembers when values were not measured in monetary terms but were all about the important things in life.

Useful Things That Self-Isolation Has Taught Me

Food stocks in the house last longer if you practice rationing. Eating less can have multiple benefits like losing weight, reducing the frequency of grocery runs and spending less money. Water does a better job of satisfying your thirst than lots of other beverages and a filter jug in the refrigerator is easily replenished without having to go to the store and doesn’t leave you with containers for recycling. Your sugar intake will drop if you choose water first and you will gain multiple health benefits from that approach. One slice of bread or half a bun can make an open-faced sandwich and can be just as filling as one with two slices (full bun) if you give the brain a reasonable time-period to register same. Smaller portions with lots of water to drink seems to be just as satisfying as larger ones with sugar water (most bottled drinks) and much easier to digest.

There is a lot of unused food hiding in your kitchen cupboards. Using up those reserves during self-isolation is a good time to try to be creative as well with limited resources.

Patience is very important when you are by yourself for long periods. You will find your only close friend right now lives inside your head. For some reason, that friend doesn’t like to sleep and will come out to play all night long if you let them. Shutting them up to let you get enough sleep requires a lot of your attention for your own sanity. I tried ibuprofen before bed, playing a musical instrument to help soothe my mind and some leg lifts to increase blood flow to legs so the brain doesn’t hog it all. I got varying results but did get better sleep generally. Also, getting up at noon is not really that bad since there isn’t much going on in the morning during self-isolation that requires getting up that early.

For every positive thought you read online, there are significantly more negative ones that appear. You will learn that bullies and electronic news sources are where you will see the bulk of the latter. Trust in facts and avoid information that is highly based on opinion. Trust your common-sense when confronted with naysayers.

It is better to be a nice person than a smart-aleck (or worse) when dealing with anyone that provides you with essential services. Your stress level is going to be a lot lower than those on the frontlines and you should show them proper respect for being there in time of need. Just remember that their perspective is a lot different than yours. Your exposure is short-lived, theirs is much longer.

Maintaining your sense of humour is extremely important during self-isolation which leads very nicely into the next section of this article.

Things I Would Like To Know That Came To Bear During Self-Isolation

What brands of alcohol does Nancy Pelosi consume? This would help me avoid those that apparently cause memory loss. A politician is voted into office to look out for their constituents’ best interests and they need to be frequently reminded of that concept. Seriously, self-isolation has just made me even more skeptical regarding politicians’ real interests for holding office and why the whole system needs to be refocused on the needs of the people and not the representatives or parties.

What am I doing wrong with toilet paper? I seem to use up a roll in a week or more so why would someone need like a hundred or more rolls in a single purchase. Is there some magical thing that you can do with that many rolls? From what I see, being wasteful only results in the people wasting money and depriving others of being able to purchase the same items. I guess I have my parents to thank for not being greedy in times of need.

Is anyone working on an app to replace the need for toilet paper? Apparently, there is an app for everything, if you believe what you read on the internet—another lesson unto itself. This app could drive a self-cleaning apparatus that would be installed inside the toilet in your bathroom and be driven by the app in your cellphone that you no doubt have with you at the time of need. Some suggested names are Buttwiper or Hi-Genie and the icon for same is already available in the list of emoji’s that are used in many online applications—the smiling poop one comes to mind.

I have been practicing self-isolation over the last number of winters (a week at a time) here in Canada and recent worldwide conditions just added to the length of them so it less of an adjustment for me. But it still is very unsettling, especially if you spend too much time paying attention to the steady stream of information on the reasons for the condition. The lesson I have learned is that lots of diversion is necessary for your own sanity. In my case, it involves things like writing, watching old movies, reruns or current non-news TV, playing my musical instruments, playing computer games, scanning the internet for ways to cook, etc. I found that reading too much information about the worldwide conditions just increases your anxiety so staying in touch with the current status is essential but just don’t overdo it or it can consume you and mess with your common sense.

Stay home if you can, go out for just the necessities and stay safe. Learn to appreciate what you have now so you will appreciate what you will have in the future.


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