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How I Found Inspiration When I Wasn't Feeling the Energy

Writing an article is easy,

at least that's what I thought. Until I opened the page to begin typing what I wanted to say. I had blank page shock or something because the words I thought I'd stored in my head were missing.

This problem was confusing, and confidence shaking. And even more shattering was the knowledge that 500 million-plus blogs on the internet, had someone writing content for their blog. All I was doing was staring at an empty space, a page that needed words on it. There had to be a secret to writing, one that I haven't found. Sigh, more research.

So why is this so hard to do?

Maybe, probably it's because I'm tired. The garden needed a makeover. I needed to remove the weeds that appeared, unexpected. One day there aren't any, and the next day there's a garden full of weeds. That's how it feels, I know the weeds have grown because I've been distracted.

And while I'm pulling up the weeds, I'm asking myself if I'm putting off writing by weeding the garden. There is a possibility that I might be in the throes of procrastination. This is a difficult call because I can't let the weeds stay in my garden. Weeds have only one thought, survival, and domination of my garden.

This is the exact same thing I'm trying to do. Only my focus is in the world of content creation, the opportunity the internet provides, with promises of a '6 Figure Income' I'm quickly realizing isn't easy, and maybe I'm attempting a climb on Mount Everest. And then I ask myself do I have to set the bar that HIGH!

A Quote from John Lennon

My picture of ducks making plans about what they'll do next.

My picture of ducks making plans about what they'll do next.

Today Isn't the Day for Giving Up!

The bar isn't too high. If I don't challenge myself to write, to keep finding one word, then another, and maybe deleting one or two because I don't like them, If I don't keep tapping away at the keyboard, I'm never ever going to get anything written. I fight the thought of packing up for the night. I tell myself that all I need to do is type, and look at what is on the page. Words are appearing slowly, this is starting to look promising.

I encourage myself some more with the thought that today is, brain training day, I'm kicking backside and making myself type words onto the page, and that this isn't the time to be too fussy about the topic, near enough is okay. I remind myself that years of work and planning are needed to climb Mount Everest.

And right now, I feel like I'm attempting to climb Mount Everest. Have I set the bar too high? If I lower the bar, will I leave this for another day? I know the answer to this, the bar stays high. I will keep going, even if I have to come back tomorrow. I will think of something. I know I can do this.

Why does my inspiration feel blocked?

I'm not really writing for myself. I'm actually writing to satisfy search engines 'bots' and 'spiders' that crawl through every post published into the online world. The creatures that creep in the search engines like roads, with signposts, that use words like, 'how, what, where, can and are.' All these words are questions, that are asking something about a 'noun' e.g. diet, losing weight, drawing, and gardening are a few of the nouns that people ask about.

The craft of making the roads and signposts that these digital creatures like is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. I'm still learning about this online world. Which is never-ending because the search engines update the way they search content.

I'm juggling all this information, thinking that there isn't any fun in the sort of writing that needs discovering by something that I will never be able to see with my eyes The only evidence that bots and spiders exist is that Google says they do and anyone who follows the advice given by Google gets favored to the first page of search results.

I have to say that SEO makes my head spin. But I will do my best.

Keep Going, It's Never Too Late!

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

I can't give a definitive answer to this question, I don't think anyone can. What works for me, might not work for someone else. This little discovery has taken a while, to work out. The only thing I do know is that if I don't write, I have nothing to publish. I've come to a point where words have to be typed.

I'm sure most mountain climbers don't want to remember the smaller hills and rock walls that didn't go well. I take inspiration from the fact that climbers survive these mishaps and continue to climb mountains. Something from inside pushes them to take the risks. The reward of a successful climb, of achieving the goal they set themselves is inspiring and encourages me to aim for the feeling of reaching my goal.

Today, writing doesn't feel easy. Days like this happen, the only way to get through the fear of the empty page is to keep putting words on a page. No matter how badly I don't like them.

Can One Word At a Time Find the Energy of Inspiration?

I'll have to say yes to this question. This hub has been written using this strategy. I have placed myself in front of my laptop screen and kept typing in one word at a time.

I feel I'm still learning to write, my writing journey is like the one I took when I was a young child, I could see all the big people walking so the idea that I could walk too, was picked up by my brain. So when I see other people writing on the net, the idea that I might also be able to do the same entered my head. But I have to learn to walk before I can climb. Writing every day is something I need to practice.

And like walking, I'm learning to write, one step at a time, one how to write a book, then try to follow the steps in that book, find another book, and try something different, remembering that a mountain is climbed one step at a time.

And now as I finish this Hub, I'm beginning to feel my confidence increase and that I might be able to jog instead of walk.

Something to Think About


I started with an idea, a challenge. I kept going when I felt that I'd made a silly choice, that I'd never find inspiration. But looking at what I have, I can see that inspiration is more than a feeling of excitement about a project.

I've discovered that inspiration is courage, conviction, and perseverance. I've used the three of these qualities in creating this Hub. I need to remember that a mountain is climbed one step at a time. Opportunity can be made but can also go unused.

This year has provided me with an altered schedule. An opportunity. This alteration has provided me with the time to sit in my chair and get serious about writing and publishing online.