How Did I Start Reading Books as a Hobby?

Updated on November 27, 2019
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Haynah is an amateur artist and book enthusiast. She finished a degree unrelated to art and lit, but she loves to nurture her interests.

Read between the lines

Started from Children Pocket Books

As a child, I never liked books. I found reading as a boring task. I see it as a task since almost all adults at home wants me to read. Specifically, books that are educational and informative. I never had an interest at those, studying at most. What I loved best is drawing. With every blank notebook I see, I always fill it in with doodles and drawings that I try to copy from my favorite cartoons and movies. Ever since, I was a binge-watcher I guess since I know all episodes of Totally Spies and Phineas and Ferb. And how I love drawing them, those were the days.

Then I have this one friend who really likes to read. My Mom wants me to acquire the same hobby of reading as hers but I never minded, I had mine own interests anyway. But every year there is a book fair being held at school, then me and my friends would visit there every time, just to see the mascot "Clifford the Big Red Dog" and see fun covers of books. This one time during my 4th grade, me and my friends decided to buy one book each, then we will rotate borrowing each other's copy afterwards. So we all bought a different copies of the Baby-Sitters Club books. After I read the books, I felt amazed and accomplished. Right then, I realized that reading is fun. I started to borrow pocket books from my older sister, who had a few copies of Goosebumps. But I stopped reading for leisure, studying came first at those times.

Upgrading to Y.A. Novels

Then came high school, I got in at one of the prestigious school in the city where the best of the bests where gathered. Of course I found myself out of place since I've always been an average and I just got lucky this time. And so I was surrounded with people who loves books. During our free times or when the teachers are absent, I could see few people who are sitting silently with books on hand. Most of them looks very pleased to be lost in different worlds on their own. Then I got close to this friend of mine, who was the geekiest and the cutest person I've known in high school. She would lend me some of her books, most are the latest books of John Green. She would then share her insights about books and tell me more about the trending books at present. Then my love for books reignited.

Ever since high school, I was able to reach my goal to finish one book or novel per year. Most of the time I was able to exceed the one book per year. I got hyped to The Hunger Games Trilogy then to Nicholas Spark's tragic stories. I was so in-love with Ransom Riggs' peculiar stories.Then, I started to buy my own copies until the time that I keep on buying and collecting without reading them. I just loved the feeling of holding them and smelling the new pages. Even sometimes after work, when I feel so stressed I would go to the nearest bookstore and look for another treasure to dig.

Hidden Treasures

But what I really find fascinating about reading, is you don't know when are you going to find what you are looking for. There are just some books that will remain to you forever. The secret about books are some are hiding treasures left to be discovered while others are there to be enjoyed for leisure. And almost every time, I found beauty in words. Through reading I discovered that words evoke feelings, emotions, and memories which give more life to my imagination. Books were my stress-reliever.

That's why everytime I feel rusty or empty, I always run to my books. A great friend who will always keep me up at night and help me remember that no matter what my circumstance is, there is still beauty in it. Just like the books itself, no matter how trashy it may seem, it still had beautiful words or phrases, that captures me for a moment. Each book was created for a reason. Each book has an author who had something in mind while writing, which words were chosen carefully. That's why my attachment to my books are kind of special. Each of them had a story. From how and why I acquired them, and how it took me when I read it.

I hope I can share my love for books to many others out there. Kindly share some of your thoughts and fun experiences through reading as well.

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      • Haynah T profile imageAUTHOR


        10 days ago from Philippines

        That's a great experience Nik, to think that your love for reading started on the same year you took a reading remedial class. It really is amazing when our love for books are formed on unexpected times. Thanks for sharing too, its so nice to hear yours

      • NFHavock profile image

        Nik Farr Havock 

        10 days ago from United States of America

        My experiences with books vary from yours, but only a little. I hated to read, so much so that I failed reading and got put in reading remedial classes for third grade. My love for reading started that year as well. The Harry Potter Series (minus the first book at the time) opened my eyes to a would that only reading could fully bring me into. The Series Of Unfortunate Events played a major roll as well. The Hunger Games was well after my love had formed. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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