Hot Stuff (Strictly For Guys)

Updated on November 2, 2017

Dude! What? You're a girl? What are you doing here? This post is for menfolk. Move on. Actually, stay if you want and give your take in the comments section.

How about this for a header image?
How about this for a header image? | Source

Dude, sex is awesome. It makes life a whole lot more lifelike. It adds a motivation to many of the things we do. As a guy, I love sex just as much as you do.

We think of sex as the holy grail of romance or of entertainment, but there are some things that are not sex that can be totally WOW!

Money in the hand, for instance, can feel really smooth and sensuous. Notes feel way better than coins, especially crisp, new ones. There is a connection we have with money, a certain bonding if you may call it that. We love it plenty. In return, it makes us look fantastic in the eyes of the world.

Money is fantastic! A bunch of notes feels good in the hand; a sack of cash even better!
Money is fantastic! A bunch of notes feels good in the hand; a sack of cash even better! | Source

Another thing that is not sex and yet totally fab is looking at a girl, finding her attractive, and tripping within like it's nobody's business. Sex makes you sleep well once it's done, but this stuff keeps you awake all night. Listening to awesome music makes the feeling even stronger. And remember, the girl probably doesn't even know of your existence at this point!

This stuff seriously makes poets out of soccer hooligans. Not saying you're a hooligan though...

This stuff helps you be creative coz it takes you to another plane.

When you are attracted to a girl, even if others have a low view of her, you want to be with her at any cost. She is your Diana even if her name really is just Mary. You take every opportunity to be around her and hang around at the places she frequents. You find reasons to be in her vicinity.

When you are totally into a girl, you find all sorts of reasons to be around her. She consumes your thoughts, and her face appears in your dreams all the time.
When you are totally into a girl, you find all sorts of reasons to be around her. She consumes your thoughts, and her face appears in your dreams all the time. | Source

You don't have the balls to approach her. You beat yourself up for it, but still don't grow the balls to talk to her. You look at her whenever you can, hoping she doesn't notice. She actually did quite early, you idiot, but you didn't notice that because you were busy floating in the high heavens counting your chickens before they hatched.

You find her eyes attractive and want them to look back at you with a soft gaze filled with warmth and yearning.

We've been fairly non-sexual so far, but we're guys, aren't we? Hope that pesky girl who was reading this post got bored and clicked away from this page.

Let's talk hot shit now.

Working out can be fun.

Just kidding. It sucks. I was testing your patience. If you've come this far, you can come further. You're a strong piece-of-dude!

Reading the right kind of books can be dope. Who needs girls when there are plenty of books in the world? We usually read the newspaper when the power supply is screwed, but taking a week or more to read a fairly long book can feel like being in a relationship. Like, seriously!

You're probably hating this article at this point, but you were the fool that fell for the clickbaity title. So, shame on you!

Seriously, dude, get off your backside, and go meet real people. You've had more than enough adult films for a lifetime. Real girls are nothing like the actors you see in adult films. They don't beg for the hard stuff. On the contrary, they love sensitive guys who go out of their way to make them happy by doing the little things that matter. Don't be a mama's boy though. That would suck bigtime. A real girl likes commitment, and she likes it loads when you mean what you say.

Real dudes go out and meet people.
Real dudes go out and meet people. | Source

That's all, my brotha.

And you, overstaying girl, are now permitted to upvote this post, comment, and send me your warm regards! Ciao!


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