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Home Is Where My Momma Is

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I have learned through the years that no matter where I fly off to spread my wings, my home will always be where my momma is.

I don't know about you, but for me, my momma will always be my rock. I know that some people say that "mothers should always be there for their children." But in reality, sometimes that is not the case.

But in my world, I have seen front and center what it is for a mother to love their children.

She has seen my years when I was a baby, screaming, crying, wanting to be loved. She has seen my toddler years when I would just roam around and get into things. She would sing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" before I went to sleep each night.

She has seen the teenage years when I would test her over and over again just to see how many things I could get away with. I would lash out at her for no reason, just because I was being a teenager going through changes. Like every teenager does In their life.

My mom has supported me through every obstacle. Especially now when I am in my adult years still trying to figure out how to even adult. Let me just say... It is so hard to adult sometimes!

"You are my sunshine, My only sunshine."

It's interesting how that one person who gave birth to you, who has raised you, can become your best friend.

My mom became my best friend in an instant. She makes sure that she is my mother first before anything happens. She will give me "mom" advice and I would just roll my eyes and tell her "yes mom, whatever you say."

We get closer and closer as the years go by. We always laugh, joke, and do adventures together. We even had a certain day of the week where we would spend time together. But life got busy for both of us, so now we try to spend time together as much as we can.

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Concert date

Till this day, I still don't know how my momma does what she does. She is such an incredible, strong person. Going through losing my father, her husband at such a young age. Traveling across the states with two young kids making sure we are safe while she had to deal with the aftermath. But the thing I remember is that she didn't show fear once, she always had that superpower.

Momma, you always made sure we still had the best childhood that a child could ever dream of. You made sure we had toys, clothes, and most importantly your love and support.

Through the years, you have taught me to be strong. I am thankful to have someone in my life that shows me every step of the way even if I make mistakes along the way.

Now that things have changed and you are happily married once more to an amazing man. I have seen the challenges and changes our family has faced, I have learned that no matter what happens that wherever you are momma, you will always be my home. My safety pin. My rock.


It's interesting how that one person who gave birth to you, who has raised you, can become your best friend.


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