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Holiday Traditions With Children


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Holiday Excitement Through Children's Eyes

I never realized how wonderful the holidays would be as I experienced them through my children. Whether it was driving through a neighborhood and seeing Christmas lights or watching their face as they open a present on Christmas morning, experiencing a holiday with a child is so very special. As our children are getting older, I'm realizing just how special all the little traditions are that we've continued through the years. Some of them are small things, but still mean so much to the kids. We've got a few traditions that my husband and I grew up doing, and some that we've created as our family has grown over the years. Whether old or new, I find comfort in all the little things we repeat year after year.

Favorite Kid Friendly Holiday Decor

Even kids toys take on special meaning when they're only brought out in December.

Even kids toys take on special meaning when they're only brought out in December.

Christmas Eve Traditions

As a kid, my mom always made a fish dinner for Christmas eve and we almost always went to midnight mass to celebrate the holiday. Although I have made different dishes on Christmas eve, but I always try to make one or two things that have fish. My husband grew up eating Chinese food on Christmas eve, so the times that we have spent with his family, we have done this tradition instead. Either way, the kids have enjoyed the family time and haven't complained about what was for dinner. As for midnight mass, while I still love the quiet and magic that comes with midnight mass, little kids and staying up until midnight just don't go together. We've stopped this tradition as it's just too hard to do with littles, especially before a big day like Christmas day.

I've read somewhere the tradition of giving the gift of a new book on Christmas eve to be read that night and I love this. Our kids are still little so I don't see them wanting to snuggle up and read the night away just yet, but being a book lover, this tradition is super appealing to me!

Christmas Morning Traditions

I'm only realizing just how many of our traditions revolve around food now that I'm writing them all down, but food is an integral part of most gatherings and Christmas is certainly not the exception to the rule.

Christmas breakfast in our house involves lots of coffee and tea with our littles getting up early, but also a really easy breakfast of pre-made cinnamon rolls and sometimes scrambled eggs. The cinnamon rolls are easy to put in the oven while the kids open their stockings and gives us a little time to wake up before opening presents. By the time the stockings have been opened, parents have had some caffeine, we can enjoy a cinnamon roll or two before diving into the present opening.

Growing up my Dad always made pancakes for breakfast and still to this day when we visit for Christmas, he will make pancakes and eggs - sometimes even bacon for Christmas morning.

Best Christmas Dinner

Here's Dad with his famous prime rib that he makes every year for Christmas dinner

Here's Dad with his famous prime rib that he makes every year for Christmas dinner

The Christmas Spirit

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday this time of year, the spirit of love, giving and joy around this season is what makes me smile and warms my heart. Through traditions and time spent with friends and family, we cultivate relationships and make memories that will last a lifetime. Traditions both big and small can be so meaningful to those around us, especially children.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season!


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Lisa Bean (author) from Nevada on December 05, 2018:

Glad you enjoyed it Pamela. It's a fun time of year for sure!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on December 04, 2018:

Christmas traditions are important and that seems to make each year special. I really enjoyed reading this article.

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