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Age is Just a Number

Scott is an award-winning professional educator with almost 25 years of experience.

The New Age of Aging

If you are a pet owner than you know that when you have a cat, dog, bird or other critter living in your home, they become a part of your family. Dogs and cats have short lifespans, relative to humans, living from ten to twenty years typically. If you have a large parrot, you may have to leave the pet in your will to ca friend or a close relative. They live very long, and can outlive us quite easily. One thing wonderful about pets, is that they stay healthy until close to the end of their lives. Dogs and cats do not become totally immobile and out of shape for the latter half of their lives. Humans do this regularly, but it does not have to be the case. Animals continue to play, run and jump right to the very end. We need to do this too. Forty five minutes of exercise, five days a week can make a huge difference in managing blood sugar, stress, bone density and blood pressure, just to name a few. Now, of course see your doctor before jumping into a routine like this. Not everyone can start hard or even manage this sort of thing.

There are doctors out there who specialize in aging. They create plans to reduce the ravages of aging on people of all ages. The objective is to stay healthy and active right until the end. No decades long decline into healthcare issues that are unavoidable. We are all going to eventually die, but we should try to enjoy life to the fullest and take part in every facet that we can until the very end. Then we can pass away satisfied that we did our best to be a part of life until our bodies could no longer heal and properly regenerate. Most of us should be able to live well into our nineties if we are a little bit lucky and try our best to remain healthy.

I am in my fifties and still love to boat, hike, fish, play tennis, swim, and generally stay active. I do fell my age sometimes, but I try very hard to overcome this. I exercise, stretch, eat right, gets good amounts of sleep and keep my mind actively being creative. I am lucky and have some good genetics that are helping me to last a bit longer than some. Recently a student at school tried to guess my age. I allowed it, curious to hear what they would say. They suggested I was forty seven. I will take it. Even though, I hoped to hear thirty five, I was happy to know that in the mind of a thirteen year old, I looked younger than I actually am. This is especially powerful since I have a reputation for being strict and for interfering in the young adolescents fun times on their cell phone, like an old fashioned school employee.

Don't be afraid t try new things. The older we get the lower the risk is if we mess up and inadvertently lose our lives. In my mind, we really have less life left to lose, so while I am not going to take insane risks, I am not longer going to be concerned about things like flying. In fact, as we age, health permitting, it is healthy to reinvent ourselves and do fun things that we did not do when we were younger and were concerned about our image in the eyes of all of the other people who sit in judgement of our social cues and political correctness. I am not suggesting that it is okay to become an obnoxious person who simply is in life solely for themselves, but I am suggesting that it is time to try new things and let go of the fear that has held us back. In the next two years, I plan on learning to fly both airplanes and helicopters. In truth, this would have been a stretch only five years ago, as I needed medication from my doctor to comfortably fly. I have re-rationalized this and no longer have that fear whatsoever. So, "yes" we can and do change as we age.

Keep on Living

Until the very end, I will hold onto life with a tight grasp and enjoy every minute of it, as long as I can. A retired associate of mine likes to say, there are two types of days, great days, and interesting days. I think this is great wisdom, and often when I have been stressed out about something, I repeat this mantra in my head. We cannot change the fact that we are aging, but we can change our responses to it. We do not have to shut-down and become a couch potato who erodes a dent into the couch from sitting in one spot until the furniture is worn down.

We need to live life for real and on our own terms. We need to go out and do things, and be a part of what is happening in life. Instead of watching internet videos, experience life and make some videos. Share your experiences with others, and build a new friends network. Use your skills, gained from years of experience and without regret, take the world on and have fun. I am not sure what the meaning of life is, but I do know that it is not something that requires everyone with some gray hair to sit on the porch eating government cheese, waiting for the end to come.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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