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Hiding You Hiding Me

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This is us

Looking in the mirror, you will sees a woman who is actually trying to be the best version of herself. She believed that those specific things would play a role her in hiding her uncertainty and ignorance. She's pushing ahead the line between being attractive and pressuring herself to be attractive. She's always in front of the mirror, desiring to be a standard girl. Should I do the same if I were her? It perplexes me why individuals, particularly women, strive for perfection in order to appear powerful. Women are compelled to establish an empire of perfection when they have the title of being beautiful.

Women would rather die than bear the consequences of being flawed and having many imperfections. What would I do in a case like this? I couldn't think of anything I could do to rescue them. I'm torn between helping and refusing. Is it because I'd already come to terms with myself? or I'm just pretending to be unconcerned about it. Do I have a preference? What are your thoughts on this? I'm undecided. What a great place to call home. Only the judges have the power to make you feel worthless and unattractive.

Never put yourself in a danger for you to be able to feel beautiful. It could only be detrimental to you. We can't make ourselves into the person they want us to be. We are free.
Your life is a blessing. Never put yourself in harm's way in order to feel beautiful.