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Hey Witch

One thing I used to hate back in secondary school days were people who kept chamber pots under their bed, and urinated in them.

I never had one and I will always walk right outside not caring the hour, anytime I wanted to pee.

Much of the people who did that either came from places where such things were common, or they were afraid of one witch a student had professed to have seen or the other.

This morning, I was feeling very snacky around 2pm cause I hadn’t had dinner the night before. I walked all the way from my hostel, to the cafeteria to get some snacks and drinks from the dispenser.

It’s only when I came back that I realised the time.

So I wonder, is it only back home that we have witches? Cause seriously, I haven’t heard anyone talk about witches or anything, concerning paranormal activities here.

In one of our classes, one lecturer here, who told me she had been to Ghana on many occasions, was talking about how there was a time in Ghana when she visited, when talks were all about witches this, witches that.

She commented on how she had the feeling then, that it seemed we were a community that was developing backwards. Because there wasn’t that much talk of witches being the bane of most people’s problems in the past.

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