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Hey, Buddy! You Owe me Two Dollars for the Beer

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

This Introduction

should suffice the question that I know you are asking, why am I taking the time to write another piece that deals with The Lack of Communication, for lack of a better question. I am not going to talk to you for a long time--because it's Saturday evening and you have delicious steaks to eat and theaters to see Hollywood's latest offerings. Be safe. Kenneth.


I Promise

you that what you are about to read is some of the things that you see in everyday life. And if you are like me, you get irritated and beg for answers about "why" are the vast majority of these things we see and hear not being corrected?

I can only give the nation's public so much credit. But today is it. I have arrived at the conclusion that maybe we are not supposed to ask questions about "certain" life issues. That's it! The nation's higher powers have told certain people that when they see a certain life issue, do not speak. Let it alone. Look at the vastness of the universe's picture and then we all will understand.

I've seen Soap Operas, Classic Westerns, even Commercials when there are two or more actors in the scene. Then the phone rings and one of the people answers the phone, says, yeah, alright, okay, and hangs up. But did you see the head movement before he placed the phone on the base? I've seen multi-talented actors do this move so many times that it is not funny. What did the director say during rehearsal: "now, 'Bob,'when the phone rings, you answer, say a few things, then hold the receiver up in the air and look at it before you hang it on its base, okay?" Watch TV tonight and see if I am not right.

I've seen actors, and I mean those who command seven figures in their income, Brad Pitt, for one, be acting in a scene and of course there is a gorgeous girl whom he is chasing. He follows her inside a bar and there is some small talk. Finally she gives in to his sweet talk when he says, "I will pick you up at 10 for dinner," she smiles and says okay as she walks out of the scene. Did you catch that? Pitt or whomever he was playing did not ask for the girl's address! Not a murmur of where she lives. Is he called on to read her mind? I'd love to know for this is so ridiculous and I cannot take it any longer.

Then there are those actors who are gifted in the Area of Going to Strange Places. It works like this. And this point is the point above in reverse. Two actors, a woman and a man are talking while drinking their choice of drinks in some bar that is in the script. With the drinks being finished, the pretty female says,"'Tony," you can pick me up around 8," and "Tony" says, "where is your place?" "You go down Sunshine Boulevard to 112 Beecher Street--go six blocks to an apartment house and I live on the third floor," and he says,"great. See you then," and orders more whiskey. In this scene, it is a known fact that "Tony" is some sort of PI and he wants to take the pretty girl, "Peggy," out for dinner and talk to her about the case he is on. He has never been to this town in his life, so even with the directions "Peggy" gave him, is "Tony" able to deduce where she lives and he never asked where Sunshine Boulevard is located.

I know that you are familiar with this one. The scene opens with a wide view of a saloon in some TV western. Everyone in this bar is laughing, talking, drinking, and playing poker. Then, at the swinging doors, a gunfighter strolls into the bar and then he stops at the bar. He asks the bartender if he can have beer and the bartender says yes. In a minute or two, this cattle drover walks up and (read carefully), "you new in these parts, stranger?" In this one question, we see trouble already. The drover knows right off that he is "new" and "stranger," so why should the drover have to ask? Please explain this one to me so I can get a good night's sleep.

On the average, each time we see a pretty girl slapping the face of some rogue who is chasing her, is seldom crying for a doctor--although from the sound affect, the girl packs the punching power of Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

I'll close with this one: Did you ever notice that in many of the scenes we see in TV shows day or night where drinking is part of the scene, the star asks for beer, gets it, and takes ONE sip, then leaves due to a buddy running up to him in the bar and tells someone he is needed and never stops to pay for his cold one.

Happy viewing, friends.

One of Hollywood's best actors: Charlize Theron.

One of Hollywood's best actors: Charlize Theron.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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