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Having Kids Is Really That Complicated?

Having kids is really that complicated?

When my first child was born, I had no idea what it would be like to raise a child, but without a doubt it all comes down to teamwork, and time! Time to raise our children! Having time for my son made all the difference in his growth! And that’s why I think that nowadays, having children or not having children is a matter of time and money. And its a matter of money essentially when we don’t have time!

But how do we manage to have time if we spend the day at work? We go out in the morning, leave our children with their grandparents, at daycare or school and we are back at the end of the day to collect them! And still we have to clean, cook and get everything ready for the next day, and when we know it, it’s time to go to sleep, and we didn’t had time to be for real with our children! Tomorrow is another day, just like yesterday…


Our generation had children late, and our parents are old to help us, they can no longer chase after their grandchildren or pick them up! But let’s not overload them with tasks! Children education, it’s a parent duty! Grandparents role it’s not being the nannies or kindergarten teacher, they are the ones that should exchange experiences with they grandchildrens, give them the extra affect, show patience and the love!

I think having kids is simpler than we think! The first thing we blame is the time, and it really makes sense! But if we really have to work all those hours, we have to make the most of it! So, what can we do with the Saturday and Sunday we have left? Being with our children!

Yes, it sounds easy, but the point is to truly be with them, go out with them, have and live experiences with them. I’m not talking about filling them with hobbies and stand there looking at them! It’s being present, sharing moments together! For that to happen we must abstract ourselves from everything the world try to foist on us!


Are our children really doing what they love? Do they really have to have so many extracurricular activities? Have we asked them if it’s really what they feel like doing?

And how about a picnic, a simple dip in the sea, eating a sandwich made by the two of you, cooking lunch or dinner, planting some aromatic herbs, a walk in the park, something that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone?

In my opinion we spend too much time and money doing what everyone else is doing! Being at home, commenting on a book you read, an experience you had during the week, this are the things that create bonds and strengthen relationships! Communication is the best way to get to know our children!

For that, we must be present and open to ear what they have to say, because if they don’t want to be with us, maybe it’s because our company is boring or because maybe we don’t really want to be with them either!

I think children urgently need their parents, parents who truly enjoy being parents!

© 2022 Angela Faustino

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