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Happiness Or Not Is Taken By Yourself

It has a tiny house, but every time we argue, it's so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear it. Sometimes my father brought all the clothes to the yard to burn, sometimes he knocked over the half-eaten tray of dishes and broke all the dishes, sometimes he broke the door of the house.

Mom every time she was angry at the fish, her face was heavy, her eyebrows were light, I don't know how many things in the sky, the most harsh words and reproaches poured into the heads of the children. The poor children don't know where they are wrong and sit and cry in the night.

Are you happy to be born in such a family? To say yes is to lie. But it gains more than it loses. Because later on, when he grew up a little, when he went to work, when he went out in society, people scolded him without reason, people made it difficult, he was not afraid, he remained calm and did not complain.

Colleagues sometimes wonder, "The boss is so difficult, but you're not afraid". It laughed: "The boss scolded me, but it was gentle, far behind a corner of my mother, I'm used to it".

The other day, when I sat down to talk to H, H said that in the past, when I was in middle school, high school, my parents had oriented everything, analyzing what subjects I liked to study, what subjects I was good at, and then going to this school or that school would have a future, no need to. What to think a lot, just finish school and parents apply for a job. So now H has a stable job, now H works in a big company, everything is very good, high salary.

He was surprised because he had never heard of such things. Everything is far away. When I was still in school, my father used to say "What do girls study for a lot of money", "What do you do if you get this award, if you don't get married in the future". Mom said "just finish high school and do whatever you want".

He finished school and went to work, alone in a strange city. Sometimes it's a little sad, seeing that you have this and that also pressure your peers to wipe your tears alone. But in hindsight, it also gained more than it lost.

Parents don't force him to study, so he can be creative, choose his own path, take responsibility for his own life. He bumped into society early, he learned that making money was difficult, understood the feelings of being a parent more, only felt sorry for him, but didn't blame him, because who doesn't want a rich and happy life.

It also understands that if you don't study in class, you will learn from the experiences of those who have gone before, a path that is not like everyone else's but you have to be better than you were yesterday. To say now is it happy? Now it can confidently say yes.

Because he still has his family there, his parents there are still healthy, so that's good. Who said being born in an unhappy, poor family will never be happy. Just one way or another.

Because happiness or not is up to you to take and how you look at it, everything will pass. Sometimes that's a lesson we need to get over.

Let's be happy together.

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