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Happiness Amidst Pain and Obstacles

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


Life goes on. But your life may not be ideal. Yet, nothing in life is permanent, and your life is the reflection of your thoughts. So to change your life, you need to think better. While thinking better is okay, you can take some forward step actions. For instance, to find happiness, have wonderful chitchat with friends you made years and years ago.

About Kaya

Kaya was a male friend's sister studying in a grade higher than us. I had befriended her in High School, and when we were done with A-Levels, we stayed on and off in touch. Finally, she became a permanent member of my friends' list on Facebook. Although we hardly talked on the messenger, we would leave each other birthday wish messages every year, and then, there were the rare times when we did chat.

About Papia

Papia was a classmate for me in grades 9 and 10. After that, when she was done with O-levels, she didn't opt for A-Levels unlike me. A year or so later, she married and had a child. But I had lost complete contact with her. Who knew God had arranged to have me come across her again about thirty years later?

What Makes Me Pick up Friends from High School at This Stage

To tell the truth, friends from High School are innocent, down to earth and honest. They will value friendship for real without taking any advantage of you, show love and more than anything, help you out in anything you need badly. This is the kind of friendship you would like to rely on at this stage and win a plethora of happiness.

Something Awesome Happened When I Logged into Facebook Recently

The other day Kaya knocked me on Facebook messenger, and she said she was in Dhaka. She asked me if I was in Dhaka. And I said yes and asked her to come over to my place.

She Knocked Me on Facebook Again

This week, Monday, she knocked me again and said she had Papia with her who was my long lost classmate whose name I recalled after all these years. She asked me if she could bring Papia along. I said yes.

Finally the Meet-Up

In the end, both Kaya and Papia showed up at my place. We had pizza, coke, sweetmeats, and fruits ready to treat them. They had spent considerable time finding an Uber and had battled through the heavy traffic of the streets. They were hungry and so was I. Together we sat at the table, talking and eating.

Pic2: Myself with My Long Lost High School Friends

Pic2: Myself with My Long Lost High School Friends

The Chitchat That Followed

It seemed we all laughed and chatted happily. But we all had challenges, pain, and difficulties. But amidst that, meeting years later – about twenty-five to thirty years later, we looked at each other and felt extremely happy…

Kaya had her dad in a coma. Usually, her mom took care of him. But to give her breaks, they took their mom to the US, and either she or her brother came to Dhaka to look after their dad. Now, this was a great challenge for the family. There was no way to tell if he would wake up one day or stay the same way or the situation might in some way improve or deviate. Yet, the family took care of the family man with extreme meticulousness and patience.

Papia had been divorced from her husband for seventeen years. She had a twenty-year-old son. She used to teach in high schools but after an accident, her spinal cord didn’t allow her to walk properly – so she could not go out frequently nor could she afford to teach. Yet, she had come to my place to share a few happy chitchat conversations.

On the other hand, here I was with friends who were happy to see me, and the feeling was mutual. I had forgotten how lonely I was all along after I had left my day job without physical friends – the challenges I was rising to every day and struggling with every day, ultimately seizing each day.


This is what I meant in my article title. Yes, we all have grievances and problems. But amidst that, it is possible to find the rare faith and happiness, if we choose to look for them. One nice way to experience that is to meet up with friends long ago and help yourself to funny conversations and allow them to flow.

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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