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Handling Pressure in Academics

Handling Pressure in Academics

Every student dreamt to graduate with a higher grades, with latin honors, and to graduate on-time. To graduate with latin honors and academic excellence awards is every student's dream. Some students pressure themselves too much just for academic achievements. Some encounters depression and anxiety just to excel on their academics.

Striving for excellence in academics was never been wrong. Yet, pressuring yourself and being hard on yourself is not a good thing. You are not kind to yourself. Learning is fun, so take it easy. Higher grade is not an assurance that you are intelligent and that you really learned something. Doing your best in academics is already a credit and a proof to yourself that you are a good student and you're the best.

It has been a culture that when you have higher grades or graduate with latin honors, people around you would look up for you, appreciate you, and expect more from you. To them, you are intelligent. Then, pressure had been started already. Many students commit suicide just because of the pressure and expectations from the people around them. Many students are afraid of failures because of people's expectations towards them. With being pressured on their academics, doing their best yet, still unnoticed and unrecognized, many students suffered from health issues, academic breakdown, emotional and mental conditions that possibly lead to death or suicidal thoughts.

It's time to break the stigma. Having a higher grade is not a definition of success and milestones. Many students graduated with a latin honors, but ended up jobless and unsuccessful. It's not a guarantee that you will become a successful person. Pressuring yourself to excel in academic performance because you are afraid that people around you would be disappointed is not a good thing. You are just putting yourself in complete chaos. Never strive for more to just meet people's expectations, strive for more for yourself.

Yes, pressure is on the air. Students like me must know how to handle and manage pressures. If they don't, they will be the one to suffer the consequences. It's not about the achievement and latin honors, it's about how you are learning as a student. Higher grades are meaningless when you learn nothing. At the end of the day, latin honors and academic achievements are not a passport to be successful at all aspects. With passion, determination, motivation, and patience, you will be successful. Be kinder to yourself, break the stigma and perception because you deserve it.

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