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Half Is A Healthy Imbalance


This is an article to heal your mind, your body and your soul.

Life is a game of halves.

Life is a game of halves.

We all love to live a balanced life. And we often try to figure out the perfect balance between things in our lives. However, we end up blindfolding ourselves with the fact that balance has something to connect with the word constant, as we often say, I wish this lasts forever. True, it has a connection with the word constant but, with an addition, that is a constant change.

Not everything lasts forever. There are times when we are on cloud nine, and there are times when we are on cloud zero. At times we win, and at times we lose. And this struggle in finding happiness and experiencing sadness makes us feel that we are living an unbalanced life.

But remember, we only miss someone when they are away from us. We only appreciate the beauty of stars when we are denied of light. The same is the case with life; we can only taste life if we are denied our comfort. And if for there wasn't the word constant change, we would have started becoming devil minded. And our life would become a machine that operates on one kind of work or situation. Moreover, it is this constant change between step-ups and setbacks that helps us to know the value of being blessed.

Yet be sure to maintain a one is to one ratio. That is a fifty to fifty deal. Always make it a point that your life is balanced with fifty percent sadness to fifty percent happiness. No more, no less. Half is the secret ratio for a healthy life.

And don't worry if you are facing difficulty, because it tells you, you are subjected to a constant change. It tells you, you are breathing. It tells you, you are living a human life and not a machine life. Moreover, it tells you that this very ratio of halves creates a healthy imbalance in our lives.

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