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Gun Violence - The Club of Tears

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Gun Violence takes victims at an alarming rate


Gun Violence in the United States

In 2017, the most recent year which data is available as of 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Health Statistics reports that gun deaths reached their highest level since 1968 with 14,542 deaths being homicides.

The Club of Tears

The Club of Tears is comprised of the broken hearts of families and loved ones that fall victim to murders of their loved ones, because of gun violence.

I became a member personally, when my very own beloved son was brutally murdered by a member of a family gang in Delaware on March 27,2015. My son was shot twelve times at close range with twelve bullets to his head and upper torso. My tears still flow, for the pain never goes away.

Eternally Broken

After the murder of my son, my husband and I had began to realize that as time passed, our hearts still continued to bleed as others went on with their lives. We also noticed that others began to feel our sorrow began to bring them down We found they distanced themselves from us, and shuttered away from the sounds of our voice that rang with grief. It made us wonder if we were the only ones that stayed in this sadness.

Then I heard a TV broadcast, with a group of parents who lost their children to gun violence. This broadcast was right after the Florida school shooting.

A man who lost his daughter in the Florida school shooting said, " I can now only visit my daughter in a cemetery. No one can bring her back to me." This vividly reminded me of the horrible night when I begged the homicide Captain to please bring my son back to me. She replied to me, "I wish I could." Unfortunately her words fell dreadfully short.

A women who lost her son in the Orlando night club shooting said, "I lost my son in that shooting, my only child. What is anyone going to do for me? I lost my future, I lost my life, because no one can bring him back to me.

Their tears and raw emotion were heart wrenching and all to familiar. You could tell they are not asking for any particular legislation. Led by his tears, one man in the broadcast said, " Someone please do something, someone stop the violence." I then knew we were not alone in what we felt, although some people mae us feel like we were.

The Faint Knock on Your Door

Yes, on March 27, 2015, we had that faint knock on our door at 3:30 am. My husband was up waiting for our son, for he had become quite worried. Rick was late coming home from work. He had been waiting for quite some time, thinking perhaps he had late customers, but at 3:30 am, he was starting to consider calling around and perhaps calling the police.

Then came a faint knock on the door. That faint knock that would shortly stop the clock of life. That knock would change your life forever. It is truly the day that life ceased to have the same meaning. It is the day the sky no longer would ever have the beautiful shade of blue it once had. The same day the bodies of water that once seemed to flow with beauty, now took on a murkiness that would forever remain.

Life Time Membership

I now knew we were part of a very large club of parents all over the world, that have lost their children, an intrigue part of their life's to gun violence.

The club is comprised of parents who have lost their children to gun violence, - to murder. One aspect we all have in common is our tears all look the same, and all of our lives changed in an awful moment of gun fire.

I believe as a member of this club forever, and yes it is a life sentence for all of us, that there is one thing we ask of all our fellow members of society. We ask of you, Please ban together and fight the evil and violence that seems to have taken over our world. Please try to stop those faint knocks on the floors that say, " I am sorry to inform you." Dig deep in your heart to see what you yourself or your community can do. Neighborhood watches, calls to crime stoppers, reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement. Be aware of what is going on around you and get involved. You might think these things happen to others not to you personally. I felt that way also, until I got that early morning knock on my door

Please let us all work together and do our part. This is so very important, so the next knock on the door is not at your house.

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