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Grits: the one Southern Food That is Always Overlooked

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Grits, I love you.

Grits, I love you.

Let’s Do Some Research

about my beloved south land. You have your ham and gravy. You have your biscuits and eggs. What am I missing on this delicious menu that any southerner who is worth their weight in pancakes? Give up? The answer might stun you. I am talking about the delicious, lovable, and always-delicious grits.

Grits: you can’t beat them. Actually anyone who has sampled such “Manna from Heaven,” as a big serving of grits has ever asked for your waitress to take them back. Grits are born winners. Easy to love. No pretense is ever attached to the Grit-Lover. And I know plenty of people who swear by a morning-helping of grits.

Anyone with half of the working knowledge (about grits) has a great chance of preparing a most-delicious pan of grits that are guaranteed to send the person who eats grits with a smile on their face and a warm tummy. All because of grits—which are made from boiled cornbread and Hominy Grits are made from hominy, so you see, making grits is not Rocket Science. I might add that the average cooking time for grits is around fifteen minutes.

dishes for morning, noon, or for the evening are almost unlimited. So if you do not want to “throw salt to the wind,” stick to basic grits and you will not grow wrong. Along with regular grits, you can also enjoy Hominy Grits; Grits with Shrimp; Grits with Cayenne; Grits with Ham; Grits with Ham gravy; Grits with Pineapple, tomato, cantaloupe and this list is just getting warmer.

Speaking of lists, here is a short list of celebrities who have ate grits or eat grits with their breakfast meals: Dwayne Wade; Kobe Bryant; Al Roker; Carrie Underwood; John Anderson; Ben Affleck; Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and many more too numerous to mention. I have to be fair. Princess Kate Middleton, according to reliable sources, does not eat grits at all. That’s her loss. But do notice Joe “Cousin Vinny’s” oration in the hit film:”My Cousin Vinny” about grits.

And I never thought of grits in these terms, but people who go out on first dates can relax and be themselves if they will eat a bowl of piping-hot grits. Easy to prepare. Easy to eat. Yummy things. I wish right now that I had a heaping bowl of grits. I have to be honest. I find myself missing my old friend, grits. I mean it.

I’ve Always Wondered

why in God’s green creation that grits were never given to the Miss America Pageant? Someone, in my honest opinion, fumbled the ball and the very idea of a pretty Miss America Pageant contestant will never use as her talent part of the show, a new and smoother way for people to eat grits. These oversights were probably the work of some group of Elite Pageant Coordinators who voted grits to never be included in this fancy presentation. I cannot lie. I hate that.

You know what I have been thinking? I know that there might be a lot of people who will take exception to why grits have always been overlooked? The very notion of an entire country turning its backs on a pan of delicious grits is beyond me.

Do me this one favor: go out today and purchase some regular grits and have a pan for breakfast tomorrow morning and see if what I have said is true about grits being left out of all major events (Super Bowl included) and the Hollywood crowd and then you will see why I love grits so much.

And if that doesn’t suit you, I give you the immortal words of Polly “Flo” Holliday at Mel’s Diner on the hit CBS show: Alice . . .”you can kiss my grits!”

May 6, 2019_______________________________________________

 Typical southern grits bacon, a nd butter in Virginia.

Typical southern grits bacon, a nd butter in Virginia.

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