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Good Friday Tulips and Easter Sunday Lily’s


Changing religious views do not affect holidays past

It’s customary today for many Christians to say Resurrection Sunday instead of Easter. It is also often pointed out that history indicates He was not crucified on Friday. Be that as it may, I grew up in a community where we said Good Friday and Easter Sunday so these words will not be substituted. if they offend you, then please read no further. Back in those days we were told some things that I now know to be legends and myths, but in the midst there are two truths I came away with. The first one is that the Easter Bunny may not be real but Christ lives. The second is that I witnessed with my own eyes flowers that only bloomed near or on Good Friday, and another one that revealed it’s petals on Easter Sunday Morning. Changes in society and religious views in no way alter my story.

The miracle plant

I would have been six or seven years old when this took place because we were still living in what we later called, after we moved “the old house“ It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday and several relatives had come to spend the night. They were going to attend church service with us the next day. Somewhere around 8:00 PM my grandmother presented me a potted plant that had a single flower in it. She told me it was an Easter Lily and would only bloom on Easter Sunday morning. I was fascinated as I examined these closed petals and was eager to see what they looked like the next day. I set my plant in the kitchen and went to bed. The next morning I found in the living room that I had received a visit from the Easter Bunny. I had a basket with chocolate eggs, jellybeans and toys. I remembered my plant and ran into the kitchen where I saw that it indeed has bloomed. The petals were open and I was holding a wondrous Easter Lily. As an adult I recalled that Easter Sunday and searched high and low for the Lily that only blossomed on the Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Christ but I never did. I shared my story over and over but to no avail. No one else had heard of such a flower. I wish I had asked my grandma about this before she passed away.

I scoured the Internet and talked to everyone I knew but not one person had ever heard of such a flower. All I could find out is that Easter Lillies are purposely planted at such a time that they will bloom in the spring. I don’t know how my grandma knew my flower would open up the next day but she was right. I guess it was a grandmother’s faith a little girl’s trusting heart and Devine intervention. Some would say it was a coincidence but in my heart I’ve always known it was my special miracle.


Easter Tulips in bloom

Growing up in the county at the foot of the Bkue Ridge mountains, in the Baptist Bible Belt Center most everything had spiritual significance. The summer I turned 10, we moved to a house about half a black away but connected to the same land. The following spring I saw the stems of flowers growing a few feet from the front porch steps. They were right next to the telephone pole and my grandma called them Easter Lilies. I later learned they were tulips but that’s beside the point. Grandma said they would bloom during Easter week to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Sure enough, about two weeks later the flowers sprouted a few days before Good Friday. We lived in this house for nine years and every spring those tulips bloomed just before Easter. It did not matter whether it was cold , windy, and rainy or if the sun was dancing in the sky, the flowers bloomed. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21. This means it can come any time between the third Sunday in March and the fourth Sunday in April. Even so, those tulips only sprouted just prior to or on Good Friday. We moved in 1979 and the house was torn down. And the telephone pole removed. The last time I was in the area the land looked barren and dry In the spot where the lilies used to be. Sad as this is, I will always have my fond memories.


Facts don’t change my reality

As an adult I haves watched as yellow tulips were planted by the local city government on varying dates and they bloomed whenever. I’ve had neighbors whose yelliw tulips return every year, sometimes in February. This would seem to invalidate my story but it changes not. I understand that tulips and lilies bloom based on when they are planted but these facts don’t change my story one iota. Raster is not until April 12 this year of our Lord 2020 A.D. I have lived in my current home a little over two years and my neighbor’s tulips are already in bloom. There are some stems growing in my back yard and truthfully I don’t recall when they bloomed last year. This year I will be paying close attention to find out when the yellow petals decide to show their face.

An update to the story.

The guy who cut the grass mowed over my lilies. He probably never even saw them. I’m a little disappointed but the bottom line is this: He lives, He reigns, He’s coming back and I don’t need any symbols because I know it in my heart. It's now 2021 and the stems have come up because the root was not removed. Easter is in 3 days and i sure hope the blooms show up soon,