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God Is Watching Over Us (Things Happen for a Reason)

John is a poet, short fiction, and freelance writer who also trained in home ministry and Bible study.

Many of you have read my recent poem "My Three Sons" that I dedicated to my three boys. Well something happened soon after I wrote that hub that sent a shiver down my spine, and renewed my faith that God is watching over us.


I'm sure some of you can relate to unfortunate events that have happened in your lives where you thought at the time, "Why did that happen to me?" or "How come I get all the bad luck?" Say for instance your house was destroyed by fire late at night. This is a terrible event in itself, but what if you received a phone call at 10 pm that a relative had been in an accident and you needed to go to the hospital right away. This call woke you up and made you leave the house when you would normally have been sleeping. You arrive at the hospital to find your relative only suffering minor injuries.

While you are away there is an electrical fault and your house burns to the ground. Your smoke alarms didn't work. If you were home asleep you would have been burnt to death. Is this a sign that someone is watching over you, or just a coincidence?


Now for my story.

My youngest son Trent phoned me a few weeks ago from Darwin, Northern Territory to 3427 kilometers away (approximately a four hour flight) from Brisbane, my closest airport. He said the first ever Australian Muay Thai Awards night was to be held at Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast and that he would really appreciate it if myself and his other brothers could attend, as he was nominated for two awards.

I said I would definitely be there, and my eldest son Daniel lives in Brisbane we would stay there and drive to the event at the Gold Coast. Trent traveled by plane with his wife Cheenee and one year old son Taidan to Brisbane on 7th December. My wife and daughters-in-law stayed in Brisbane and babysat the children while my sons and I attended the Awards Night.

Unfortunately, my middle son Jared and his family couldn't make it down until the following day, but it was good to spend time with all my sons as it doesn't happen often anymore as we all live in different parts of the country. The women also had fun spending time together as some of them hadn't met before and neither had the youngest grandchildren.

We had a birthday celebration lunch for Marie, Jared's partner. Those who wouldn't see one another before Christmas gave out presents and the children had a great time swimming and playing together on a trampoline.

Ok, I hear you thinking..."get to the point'....ok I'm getting there. (got to fill a hub...haha)

That night, Taidan, the one year old, was unwell and had trouble sleeping. It seemed as though he was coming down with a cold. Trent, Cheenee and Taidan were booked to fly back to Darwin at noon the following day. Daniel, who we were staying with is also a chef and promised to make a special breakfast for us all the next morning before they left.

Radane and Taidan in Brisbane.

Radane and Taidan in Brisbane.

Well by the time breakfast was finished it was almost 11am, and Trent was getting a little concerned that they would be late for their flight. Daniel said, "No you'll be fine. It's only a 20 minute drive, if we leave now you'll make it." They said goodbye to everyone and left.

Before Daniel arrived back I received a phone call, "Hey Dad, it's Trent. Can you tell Daniel to come back to the airport and get us. We missed our flight by ten minutes." Daniel hadn't allowed for traffic jams and catching every red light on the way to the airport, and the 20 minute drive had taken 30 minutes. Daniel's wife Widya went back to the airport to get them as Daniel was upset that they had missed the flight and felt responsible.

Trent was upset because he was supposed to work the next day, and re-booking the flight had cost them an extra $100. Everyone became a little uptight for awhile, blaming one another. "We were only 10 minutes late booking in, we still had 30 minutes before the plane was leaving" Trent said, "Why couldn't they be a bit flexible and still let us on?"

My wife, Kathy, was the calming iinfluence. She told everyone to relax and just accept the situation. "Sometimes these things happen for a reason", she said. "Maybe there was going to be a problem with the plane or something, and you just weren't meant to be on it." We all took her wise advice and enjoyed the extra day together.

Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport

That night, however, Taidan's condition deteriorated. He had trouble breathing, was coughing badly and couldn't sleep. His parents were forced to take him to the nearest hospital, where he was admitted after it was found out he was suffering severe bronchitis. The doctor said if he had flown to Darwin, his lungs could have collapsed and he would probably have died without medical assistance in the air. He is being kept in hospital and they aren't allowed to fly for at least a week.

How fortunate is it then that they were late for the original flight and weren't allowed to board? It was the difference between life and death of my one year old grandson! Trent and Cheenee are Christian and attend church regularly. They are convinced this wasn't a coincidence, and that God is watching over them.

So do I!

(Please pray for Taidan's speedy recovery)

Taidan in Hospital

Taidan in Hospital

© 2013 John Hansen

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