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Glimmering Highlights of Academic Life Abroad

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


When you are in your academic life, you must look for ways to make it interesting so that you stick and enjoy the mojo of life. The following is a list of splendid flashing glimpses of that duration of my life that come to the mind at the moment.

Dine Out with Friends

In between classes and research discussions with my supervising professor, I took time out to dine with Masters and other Ph.D. students who were my current friends and under the same professor.

We went to Mc Donald, which was within walking distance, and also to an Indian restaurant by car and had fabulous times eating together, laughing and cutting jokes. Life was blissful amidst the tensions and anxieties of academic lessons.

Visit My Sister’s Place

On some weekends when I had manageable less work, I would ask my sister to take me to her place to have fun playing with her children. I also gave my sister a hand in cleaning the piled up used dishes in the kitchen.

My nephew and niece enjoyed my company in their home very much. Although my nephew was a toddler, who I think has no memory of me by now, somehow relished clinging to me then and singing casually in his language while I walked around carrying him within their home premises.

My niece was three years old then, and so I think she can recollect a few moments from that time now. The fun moments and the games we played together must have been memorable and delightful for her.

Yes, it was fun for me as well and a good break from the humdrum monotony of my academic life.

Cook for TA Party

Of course, I was a teaching assistant (TA) otherwise how was I managing the expenditures of everyday life? It was perfect for me and helped me to pay the bills, bear the living costs and buy books. I had also tuition waiver and fellowship – so altogether I pulled through gracefully.

There was a party coming up for TAs and RAs (Research Assistants) along with our professors. We had to bring a dish of our choice. I took the pains of cooking chicken with rice along with masala powder so that it finally looked like yellow rice with chicken. I carried this dish from my apartment to the university premises.

All my buddies gathered together to take food and taste a variety of dishes along with the professors. So we had a grand time eating and chatting with each other as well as with the professors. We also took lots of photos.

Code for Interesting Projects

Some of the projects in my academic life abroad were interesting. Together with help from the respective online forums and a junior friend, I coded hundreds of lines and integrated all the modules to make it a fine running application, and I remember I scored a golden 100 out of 100 in that project on Distributed Networking. Was I over the moon? Definitely yes, because my efforts paid off.

Engrossed in Interesting Projects!

Engrossed in Interesting Projects!

Enjoy Cultural Programs of Home Artistes

My brother-in-law arranged cultural programs of artistes from our home country and held them in large auditorium halls. Whenever I had a little time, I would ask my sister to take me to these programs and sitting among the audience, I would enjoy sing-songs, music, and dramas performed by our home artistes, and I would be thrilled and excited and have a gorgeous time.

Attend Conferences Within University Premises

Once a while our university would hold conferences within the premises and ask relevant faculty members along with their students from various universities to present the research in their published papers that they have contributed to the conference.

I would enjoy hearing these people who would come together from across the nation and present their research along with their students. It would broaden my zenith of knowledge and awe me regarding what was going on for real in our field and increase my curiosity to know more so that I would browse the web later for terms that I didn't understand, or simply look for more information on the areas that intrigued me.


Summing up, while being in academic life, it can become dull and full of drudgery. It is up to you to add interesting flavors to your life as I have cited in this short article story so that altogether everything becomes interesting and worthwhile, yourself soaring and thriving high.

© 2019 Rosina S Khan

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