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Give 'em a Break: Forgiveness at Christmas

Paul believes in the Christmas Spirit, and al the cheer and joy that comes with it. It truly is a wonderful time of the year, .


Little Forgiveness

This is about the small stuff. It is about simple actions. It is about patience and kindness. Forgiveness exists in patience; forgiveness exists in kindness. Patience and kindness is forgiveness in the making. This is about having a forgiving heart and living with a forgiving nature. It is how being in the Christmas spirit and sharing in the joy of the season can help bring all these good things into the light of day and help them grow.

Having a little patience during this busy time of year can help us bring the spirit of forgiveness into our lives. We are patient whenever we can, patient with every person and every situation, keeping in mind that it is sometimes those who are closest to us, who are in most need of our patience. We keep things in perspective when they are not always going our way. We can sometimes lose it and become impatient or angry. But this is the kind of anger that will subside when we remind ourselves of how good it is to be in that good space of being in the Christmas spirit with all the cheer and enjoyment that comes with it. Patience leads to kindness, producing kindly words and actions. We truly care about the feelings of others, as we share that good old Christmas spirit

Being patient is also slowing down a bit, bringing it down a notch. We stop and take a breath; we listen to Christmas tunes while we look at colorful Christmas displays. We experience calmness in the moment. Slowing down may be the last thing we wish to do during this hectic season as this may mean that we will get less done. The idea is to slow down in our minds, giving our attention to what we are doing in the here and now as we continue on.

Being patient is having a forgiving nature, being cheerful and kind, and this is possible all year long, but it is during this time of year that we can add a little merriment into the mix, for what other time of year do we find ourselves singing things like, "Fa, la, la - la, la - la, la - la, la"? It is at these times when can feel the natural forgiving spirit that we have inside us. This is little forgiveness.



There may be some of us who possess strong unforgiving feelings, the kind that are difficult to let go of, and we may not wish to be told that it is time to forgive during this or any other time of the year. Some wrong may have been laid upon us, some hurt done to us. There may be someone out there who we are simply not willing to forgive. There may exist some unpleasant circumstances that we live with that cause us to be unforgiving to the higher powers, or even to ourselves. We think that these unforgiving feelings are the things that keep us going when they actually may be the things that hold us back. But we do not always believe this, and we will decide when it is time to ever consider forgiveness.

We still have the ability, however, to practice little forgiveness, to share in the spirit of the season, to share in the cheer, and to turn our heads toward all the good things that are present in our lives, and any other little good thing that we may happen to glimpse upon as we make our way through this world.

For some of us, there may be some less serious unforgiving feelings that we do not wish to let go of concerning small things that have grown out of proportion, some small feuds that we have or grudges that we bear, some disagreements or differences of opinion that have gotten out of hand. What better time than Christmas to make amends.We often speak of things like peace on earth during this time of year, so it may be a good time to make peace. It may be a good time to consider the gift of forgiveness. People are more important than any small mistake or misdeed that may have been made in the past. It may be time to forgive. It may be time to give 'em a break.

Give 'em a Break

This is about the small stuff. Good things come in small packages. Seeds are small. Good seeds when planted in good soil produce good things. Seeds of forgiveness are good seeds; the love in our hearts is good soil. When planted they have the potential to become strong feelings of forgiveness, the kind of feelings that we can give away. This is the forgiveness that flows from our hearts, continuously being replenished as part of the love we are always receiving from above. The twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments that we place on our Christmas trees are also small but they have the power to brighten our day and lighten our spirits.

This is the season for giving. We give gifts; we give our cheer; we give our joy. We talk about peace on earth, so we give the world our patience, our kindness, and our love. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on January 05, 2019:

Hey Eric. I think that it is natural to be irritated or angry at times, but I think these things are easy to escape from when we remind ourselves of the power of forgiveness and the gratitude that comes with it. Thanks for reading. I too find myself in catch - up mode. I often read articles, including your Sunday sermons, without leaving a comment. Just know that I always find them inspiring and helpful. A great day to you and your family.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 05, 2019:

Glad I got to this. Just catching up. Wonderful article. My wonderful wife gets a bit irritated with me sometimes. I can be in the middle of an argument and forgive as I go. I think maybe with my kids I get angry sometimes. For about 10 minutes. And they take advantage :-)

Thanks so much for publishing this. It made grateful for forgiveness.

Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on December 31, 2018:

Thanks John. Forgiveness does have the power to improve humanity, and it is like you say; it can be practiced. Have a great day

John Ward on December 29, 2018:

Well written. Forgiveness is one of the greatest Virtues that we can Practice. It is not easy but with effort it is very possible and greatly rewarding. We must always begin with ourselves and with that to reach out wit Forgiveness to those around us, our fellow travelers in this wicked and hard World. With it we improve all Humanity.

Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on December 27, 2018:

R Talloni, Thank You for reading and for your comments. Patience and kindness can put us on the path to many things, large and small. And thanks for the book info; I will be sure to check it out. Have a wonderful day.

RTalloni on December 26, 2018:

Such a nice read about the small stuff, especially at this time of year when we celebrate the greatest forgiveness known. An extra measure of patience and kindness is very important to strive to give others, both for our own sakes and theirs! After reading a comment elsewhere on the concept of unconditional love combined with something on how there is no right or wrong it is good to find comments that are quite worthy. Because there is right and wrong we find ourselves in the position of needing to maintain a forgiving spirit and of needing to be forgiven, sometimes of small stuff, sometimes of large. A truly helpful book on the topic of forgiveness comes from Chris Brauns titled Unpacking Forgiveness. Thank you for thoughts worth carrying from Christmas through the New Year!

Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on December 26, 2018:

Sean, thanks for your kind comments; peace and love to you and yours also. Have a great day.

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on December 26, 2018:

"The idea is to slow down in our minds, giving our attention to what we are doing in the here and now as we continue on."

"Good things come in small packages. Seeds are small. Good seeds when planted in good soil produce good things. Seeds of forgiveness are good seeds; the love in our hearts is good soil."

So wise and full of Love! My friend, Paul, thank you for this beautiful Hub. This is a great Christmas gift to our world. I wish many to read.

Love and Peace to you and your beloved ones!


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