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Give Quiet People a Chance

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A victim of bullying due to poor mental health. Wishes that others will not go through the same

Just because someone is quiet, doesn't mean they aren't fun!

Something that has always bothered me for a long time is that a lot of people out there aren't very open minded individuals. That is also the case when it comes to making connections with people. Of course, it is worth noting that not everybody is for everyone and that's okay! What matters is that you give things a try and not judge someone or something before doing so.


There's Always More Than What Meets The Eye

Not everyone have great social skills and can easily speak to people, especially if they aren't used to them yet. Sometimes it can go further than that. First of all, let's look at these terms.

  • Introvert - if someone is an introvert, it doesn't mean they can't be sociable. Being an introvert doesn't determine how loud or quiet a person may be. It actually determines the energy levels of a person when socializing. An introvert loses energy while engaging with others while an extravert gains energy. So before you snub your nose at someone being an introvert, keep in mind that anyone around you could be one. Not just the quiet people. You may think introverts are boring and not much fun but then you find out your funny best friend is one. I had to bring this up since I've seen people going around believing that only extraverts are fun and have personalities. That is frankly a load of nonsense. I honestly don't know how people come up with these things.
  • Shy - if someone is shy, they may be awkward around you at first. However, the more you get to know them, the more they'll open up and the less shy they'll become. Some people will see a shy person and decide they won't bother with them. That is not fair. A shy person makes a good friend. They just require a couple more steps before they are comfortable around you. Normally people don't see a problem with being shy around a crush. Why should it be different for friendship? The answer is it shouldn't.
  • Social anxiety - many people experience social anxiety on different levels including extraverts. This is a lot harder than the other two to deal with especially if you got it really bad. What can make things even more difficult is if you are diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder. This disorder can pretty much destroy your chances at living a normal life as it makes everything social a hundred times harder to do. I won't be going much into my own experiences in this particular article, but I've had this disorder my whole life. It lead to fourteen years of me getting bullied as I was "too quiet", "too weird" and as "quiet people shouldn't exist". I was also called "too serious" regarding my depression but that isn't currently related to this topic. My point is that many people out there are friendless and alone due to people not giving them any chances for something that isn't their fault. I've had my disorder all my life but some people develop it later in life due to things like bullying. Then that results in more bullying which really isn't fair. I was lucky as I managed to make a friend in my later school years but not everyone is as lucky. Please, make sure that everybody is always included and don't judge people who have trouble making friends. Many are trying to the best of their abilities but their fear and anxiety may hold them back.

The Moral of the Story

Everyone deserves to be loved and included in todays society. What I can hope this article can achieve is that it can inspire the reader to make an extra effort in being nice to people and giving everyone a chance. Not everything is about being popular. What matters in life is the friendships you make along the way. If you have to sacrifice popularity in order to befriend the quiet kid, so be it. It's a small price to pay when you are making someone's day!


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