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A Girl Engineer

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A diary of a girl aircraft maintenance engineer. Walk a while in my still toe boots.


Shall we?

You must look technical, behave strong and understand that it is how you will be taken seriously. I am good aircraft technician, I am a strong and intelligent besides my pink nail polish and pink socks but - It is a man's world, I have heard this several times and experienced it everyday. In my training class we were eight, six guys and two ladies. She came from a work place where she was the only girl, I from school very mixed. This was all new to me but it's a norm now. 1st internship I was the only girl, 2nd internship the same, 1st work I was the only girl and in a while they brought in another girl.

I am passionate about aircrafts and aviation. I'm excellent at my job and I wish to be respected for that beyond my gender and appearance. I encourage young girls to follow their dreams. We are conquering the world one female love at a time..

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