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Ghost Demons and Spirits In My Home Part One

This article is about my own experiences with ghost, demons and spirits.

Are Ghost Real?

From the experiences I have had with ghost's, I would say yes they are real.

Not only have I seen many ghosts throughout my life I have also experienced lots of poltergeist activity. Things are thrown around the room, lamps thrown downstairs, small plate flying across the room, door handle banging and other activity which is a scary experience.

None believers tell me there are no such things as ghost's. I am sure their belief could be changed in a heart beat, if they were to experience a ghost.

What follows are a few of my paranormal experiences.

My First Experience of Seeing A Ghost

I was about four years old in the early 1960's when I saw my first ghost. One sunny morning as I was getting out of my bed, I noticed a door on the wall opposite my bed, a door that I knew had not been there the night before. As I looked and felt a bit confused, the door started to open. I pulled my blankets up to my face, so that I could peek out to watch the newly appeared door and see who was going to come through it.

A woman stepped through the door. She was wearing clothes like my mam would wear and she had big curlers in her hair. She stood and stared at me, with her arms folded, as I laid there peeking from under the blankets. We were having a bit of a stand off staring at each other.

I thought my heart would explode with the terror I felt as I watched her. As young as I was, I knew she was a ghost. Eventually, fear got the better of me and I ran screaming to my mothers room. Mam! Mam! I screamed as I ran. Mam was not in her bed and her bed was undisturbed. Mam often went out at night to go drinking and not return home at the end of the night, so there was nothing unusual not seeing her in her bed.

I ran down the steep flight of stairs, to the front door, which was open, and screamed into the empty street, Mam!! The next and last thing I remember, was this woman that appeared from the door in the wall, carrying me back up the stairs and saying to me ‘Don’t be afraid, I am not going to hurt you’, in a really gentle voice. I felt like I was floating back up the stairs.

I went on to see many more ghosts throughout my life. Some are friendly and some of them are not so friendly.


The Old Hag

This ghost or whatever she was left me frightened of the dark. I have slept with a lamp on since this next incident happened in 1981.

One night as I lay sleeping I heard the sound of thud, thud, thud right at the side of my ear. I woke up instantly terrified as I could feel that there was someone at the side of my face, and level with my eyes. I was too afraid to open my eyes and tried to keep them tightly shut. I had the sensation of my eyes being forced open. When my eyes opened I could see that there was a little old woman dressed all in black with a black cloth around her chin and head. She wore long black skirt and black boots and she was about three feet tall. Her right hand was holding an old rickety walking stick. She was cackling in my face and I was absolutely horrified and terrified. I tried reaching for the lamp switch to turn on the light but I could not move. I tried to scream but no sound came from my mouth. She was only there for a matter of seconds but I was beyond terrified.

After seeing the old woman ghost or whatever she was, I started sleeping with the bedside lamp on. Just a few days later I was laid in bed, eyes shut when I heard the lamp switch off. I was too scared to move because I knew she was there and I knew it had suddenly very dark in my room. I laid, face down, gripping hold of my pillows and squeezing my eyes tightly shut feeling hysterically scared and praying hard. I could feel her climb on my back and she was jumping and bouncing. I was bouncing and I could feel the bed beneath me bouncing from the force of her jumping on my back. I must have passed out with shock or something because the next time I opened my eyes it was morning and she was gone.

I thought about asking the landlord to get a priest in to deal with the ghost but I was too afraid. I thought that a priest might anger whatever it was. I was too scared to do anything but move out. Before I actually moved out I had experiences with other ghosts. When I finally did move I moved to a property over 100 miles away from the haunted one. There were ghosts there too.

Eventually I moved into a newly built house. The house was built land that had never been built on before and I hoped there would be no ghosts in the new house. I was not even unpacked before I realised there were ghosts in the house.

I found that research that the 'old hag' was the name given to explain a phenomenon of sleep paralysis. This is where a finds themselves paralysed, totally unable to move and face to face with something evil.

Maybe I experienced the 'old hag' phenomenon. All I know is that it was real and it happened.

The Demon

I was woken late one night to the very loud sound of running water. I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen. There was no tap pouring water from the kitchen so I ran to the other side of the flat to the bathroom, the only other place that housed a tap. I stood in front of the bathroom sink, feeling baffled. No running water in there either. As I stood there trying desperately to clear my half a sleep brain, and work out what was happening, where the sound of running water was coming from.

In a heartbeat, invisible hands grabbed me by the stomach and chest and with tremendous speed, slammed me up to the bathroom ceiling. How I did not die from shock and fear, I do not know. I could not see anyone but could sense their strength. I was pinned to the ceiling by an invisible force and saying I was petrified would be an understatement. I tried to scream but I could make no sound. I could see the sink below me as I hovered above the bathroom, trying to scream and make sense of what was happening. I remembered thinking, "when I drop, I am going to smash my face on the taps and sink". I tried to scream again and this time the most demonic, blood curdling roar came out of my mouth. It seemed to come from somewhere deep down in side of me. I actually felt and sensed something leaving my body through my mouth. Words cannot describe the sheer terror I felt. I remember my mind just switching off and going black because I could not continue to deal with what was happening to me.

The next thing I was aware of was, I was standing at the side of my bed in a different room. I dropped to my knees sobbing. Confused and almost hysterical, I could not work out if I had just experienced a demon in my bathroom, or if I was dreaming. I prayed for some one to help me. The next time I opened my eyes, my youngest son was stroking my head and trying to soothe me. “Shush, Mum! it’s okay, you are having a bad dream! It’s just a dream mum!”. I believe it happened and was not a dream, as crazy as it sounds.


My Friend

Not all ghosts frighten me. This one brought me comfort as many spirits often do.

I was in bed sleeping when I was woken by my best friend of thirty five years. My best friend had committed suicide two years earlier and I was aware of that as she stood before me. I tried to ask her how it was possible for her to be there in front of me but she just smiled at me and said "Louise,"let it go". Have an abreaction and you will be happy". At the time of my friends visit, I was struggling with depression and was having counselling and the following day would be my last counselling session. I had no idea what an abreaction was and had to look it up. She was right that I did need to have an Abreaction and on my last counselling session I experienced just that. After that I was able to start learning how to be happy so I was grateful for her message.

My friend did look so happy when she appeared to me in the night. I felt that she was at peace with herself now, where ever she was and I felt happy for her.

Two days later, I received a call from the sister of my friend. I had not seen the sister since my friends death a couple of years ago. I was excited to tell her of my visit in the night but did not get the chance. I heard the sister say, 'Are you sitting down Louise?' She went on to tell me that the twenty one year old daughter of my friend had been killed in a tragic accident around the time my friend appeared to me. I think my friend came to let me know she was at peace and happy and not to be afraid when the news of her own daughters death got to me.

In February 2020, eleven years after the last incident of my friend appearing to me, she came to my mind and I felt compelled to look at a photograph of her. As I looked at her image, I heard the words, 'something is going to happen'. That something came the following day by a message I received from the niece of my friend that I had never had contact with. The message was that my friends sister was in an induced coma, on life support and not expected to live. She survived after a gruelling fight for her life and then I felt able to tell her that her sister was watching over her.

Mum and Dad

This visitation left me feeling loved.

I was living above an office in an upstairs flat. The flat had one entrance and it was a front door and the steps up to my flat. One afternoon I was in our little snug watching some television when I sensed a spirit coming up the stairs towards my flat. I felt really terrified even though I could not see the ghost, I could sense it near me. I was too scared to run and the only way out was through the ghost. I sat with my eyes tightly shut and just about hysterical as the ghost got nearer.

The ghost wrapped her arms around me. I felt the presence of my mum and I sobbed deep heart wrenching sobs when she told me that she loved me and that she was sorry for hurting me. She said she was a sick woman and none of it was ever my fault and that she truly loved me.'can we please start again from this day on? Can you forgive me?' Yes I can forgive and I felt the physical feeling of forgiving. As I sobbed in the arms of my mum I felt the presence of my dad who put his arms around me and mum. It was a truly wonderful experience.

When my parents were alive they were abusive alcoholics. My mum died when I was aged ten. Up to her death I had been seriously abused all my life. I felt unloved by my parents but after their visit I felt they truly loved me.


And Finally

You can ask questions in the comments box below. Have you seen a ghost? I would love to hear your stories.

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