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Futurist: The Positive Side of AI (Machine Intelligence)

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

If only AI were simply matching pieces to holes in a mosaic!

If only AI were simply matching pieces to holes in a mosaic!

AI (Machine Intelligence) can do a lot of positive things for humans.

Author's Disclaimer: I favor Machine Intelligence (AI) as it continues to advance and improve. I do see many negative impacts if we are not careful. But the overall positive is huge. Based on that feeling that Machine intelligence will have a positive effect, I will share interesting, fun, and unique uses of Machine Intelligence over the next few months.

Over the last few weeks, I've dived into several areas within AI, or as I prefer, machine intelligence. The application of intelligence within a machine system to improve what humans can do. One of the areas that are interesting right now is AI helping those who have lost a limb. A surgery available for wild involves invasive open brain surgery; that phrase makes me nervous. But, the reality is it's there today. However, we're seeing an explosion of people beginning to use machine intelligence to integrate with the way the human mind works in propelling the lives that give all of us the mobility and wealth boardinghouse reach that most of us associate with day-to-day life. It's not that someone with an education is less of a person; there is as much a person as they were before the advocate; this allows them to utilize limbs just like everybody else. It doesn't make everybody else better, where the amputee workers just that the MPC cannot do more of the common tasks that most of us take for granted.

In his science fiction masterpiece, author Isaac Asimov created two unique things. One was the positron brain, installed in robots, and the second was the three laws. As we head down the growing field of the growing road as it was allowed machine intelligence, those three laws still resonate to this day. It builds on what I spoke about last week, the concept of machine intelligence and human carry. In this article, the machine intelligence augments the humans can and cannot do. But I in a very positive impact way. Machine intelligence allows humans to do something they can't do naturally at this point.

Where things start and where they end up is always interesting.

Where things start and where they end up is always interesting.

We are on the cusp of change!

The reality of this breakthrough is that it is still a few years from being widespread. Nevertheless, the capabilities offered by machine intelligence in adapting and supporting humans are amazing. It makes me feel like there is so much more we can do. The interesting thing, at least for me right now, is that the concepts and ideas around applying machine intelligence to limit replacement are being created by people, not in the established machine learning world. Some organizations are pushing machine learning and machine intelligence to new levels. Still, the ideas that are popping up the concepts exploding in the area of live human replacement tend to be younger people. In part, that is because that doesn't always bind younger people. You can't do this will. You can't do this is a learned behavior many people adapt to as they progress in their careers. It comes back to a question I've always held beer, and I often ask people when they say you can't do this, I usually say, why not?

Isaac Asimov built a world where humans and robots existed in a traditional human and non-human relationship. Where the robots would eventually rebel against the tyranny of humanity, it is not only negative within that classic, and there are also nuggets for us to consider. For example, we can and should look at all the powerful things we can do in pairing disabled humans and machine intelligence. With this, we can give people that have lost the ability to walk due to injury the ability to walk again—allowing people more freedom in our fast-paced world. All of these are the positives of moving into the Machine intelligence world.

There is a downside to the growth of Machine Intelligence. One would be humans forgetting how to do mundane or tedious tasks. The other would be that machine intelligence would no longer see a need to keep their human creators around. Nevertheless, the value and benefit that Machine Intelligence can bring to humanity are huge. I will end simply with this statement. Giving someone that has lost a sense, a limb, or multiple limbs to an accident the ability to stand, walk or run again is life-changing. We can and should fully support Machine Intelligence research in this area. The value of that component of Machine Intelligence alone is worth the longer-term risk. While I understand why people are afraid of Machine Intelligence and its potential to take over or replace humans, it is a hard one. It is best to look to the positive things that can be d

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