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Futurist: More impactful uses of Machine Intelligence (AI)

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

The concept of using Machine Intelligence systems to improve the life of everyone is something I think will be huge!

The concept of using Machine Intelligence systems to improve the life of everyone is something I think will be huge!

3 ways Machine Intelligence can benefit you!

As a futurist, my job is looking over the horizon. I have written about, considered, and evaluated technology for the last 30 years. I have seen the evolution, and it is now in our hands! Of course, the reality of technology is that it evolves. But the impact of technology is that technology has evolved. In previous posts, I have talked about moving to the mass market and how hard that can be; I talked about many interesting crowd-funded companies that have become very successful and, of course, the many failures that litter the side of the road. But today, I want to talk further on the topic area of machine intelligence. In particular, I want to discuss using machine intelligence systems in public safety.

Public Safety is not an area where people are concerned about adding Machine Intelligence systems. However, I know people are often nervous about machine intelligence. Both that it will replace human beings and that it will well impact the jobs of human beings. But in this realm of public safety, machine intelligence will be something that people welcome. So let's talk about some of the ways machine intelligence can be used to greater enhance public safety.

One of the interesting things that I've seen recently is using a machine intelligence infrastructure to better coordinate wildfire containment. Wildfires burning are a known issue. There have been wildfires for millions of years. But they do tend to have a huge economic impact. Part of that is that human beings are building in areas where wildfires have traditionally been. But the other side of this would be a machine intelligence system capable of modeling the fire of thousand times a minute and determining the best angles of attack for the forest firefighters or the people, sometimes called smoke jumpers. If we can quickly impede a fire, then the fire will not be able to grow, and ultimately, we can contain it. Yes, there will be damage, but the damage will be much less. I suspect this will be a significant improvement for both those fighting fires and those trying to figure out who needs to be evacuated and when. Machine intelligence will be able to determine the likelihood of any area having the fire jump to it. It can decide on potential paths and create a more effective evacuation plan.

Machine Intelligence managing the traffic of a city!

Another idea and one I have talked about before, but it is an idea that should happen pretty soon—the concept of an integrated city-wide traffic system. The machine intelligence would operate the stoplights and other traffic signals for the entire city. The idea of intelligent traffic lights is like Rome; it takes more than a day to build it. For that matter, it probably would take more like five to ten years. Tier two of this would be coordinating the elevator and outbound parking lot numbers for all the buildings in an area. You then use the machine intelligence to create or model as it very quickly the best use of stoplights to keep the traffic moving in a good pattern and reduce some of the snarling congestion that the everyday commuter faces virtually every day. The reason that this will be a benefit is that someday we may have flying cars. And while humans are good at two-dimensional spatial management, we need machine intelligence to manage the city's road and air traffic. So it's a system that helps us today but ultimately will make us safer tomorrow.

The last one comes from a friend. He and I have been chatting about it over the last couple of weeks. We discussed an interesting concept, and I asked if I could share it. I said you want me to attribute this to you and he said no, just sharing. So to my friend, thank you for sharing your thoughts that you have an interesting idea. And that is the use of machine intelligence in the pharmaceutical delivery world. Or what we refer to as a "drug store." There are many large pharmacies in the US. Most people who read this article have visited one. With machine intelligence, what will happen is all of your information which is already in the pharmacy system, will be evaluated by machine intelligence to make sure that there are no drug interactions. But why stop drug interactions? A good pharmacist can do that as well. Machine Intelligence would also be capable of automating the reorder process. From contacting your doctor to getting your prescriptions ready, it would be a great time saver!

Those are three really quick mass-market ways that machine intelligence will greatly benefit the world around us. In my listed scenarios, machine intelligence isn't replacing a human being. Instead, it's augmenting what human beings can do. Machine intelligence can and will impact our world in the next five years. But, again, I am not replacing human beings but making human beings smarter!

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