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From the Skin of My Teeth to 18 Months of Surgical Patience And Waiting

Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.

From the "Skin of My Teeth" to 18 Months of Surgical Patience

Living With The Possibility of Developing Cancerous Appendicitis

My article in LETTERPILE (03/03/21) speaking of my SEPSIS, and life-saving emergency surgery turned my good fortune into a joy for me and my family!

But scary SEPSIS being what it is, the immediate medical look was still CANCEROUS APPENDICITIS. Little did I know it, but I was looking down the road at a different kind of surgical circumstance -- an 18 month Journey of "Patience Having Her Perfect Work" through my terror, fear, dark imaginings, inner trauma and daily nerves --- and oh so many prayers. I would learn first of all about office locations, doctors, practice areas, transportation and the dictionary of drug names and spellings of medical technology and trying to intelligently use all those terms. Oh yes! And also get treated! Here is how it was explained to me (after numerous tests).

I was looking at: CAT Scans - Several of Those.

Colonoscopy - Polyps

Notes on Colonoscopies. Of course there is much humor and "Guffawing" about them because many more people are getting them in their 50's and 40's. Indeed they are a marvelous tool. Unfortunately there are these "mushroom-like" growths inside the intestines called Polyps. Nurses, friends, relatives all seem to be warning about polyps because they can also be cancerous and infected. Taking them out is a duty, also in the world of Colonoscopies. The negativity from professionals and loved ones is obviously about warning the patient to be sure they DON'T AVOID getting one. I did not avoid one. I indeed got my colonoscopy. I did not realize what an incredible photo display could be obtained through the anal aperture. Oy Vey!

No Infected Polyps. Wait! No Polyps at All in this Aged Human Being.

Imagine my joy when they encountered no polyps in my system; and only a "mucoseal" at my appendix. The Biopsy on my "mucoseal" was to be reported on in my future. They showed me the picture of the mucoseal. It did have an "ugly face". It was this, though dormant, that would become the "center of the medical drama". "Clearance for General Anasthesia" - (Examinations of the Heart) - A Requirement to get Surgery Cardiology Tests - Electrocardiogram (RCG or EKG) Chest X-Rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Echocardiogram -

In All The Realms, There Is a Metered Set of Time and Circumstance Upon Which We All Wait


From "Echo" to Biopsy to Laparoscopy to Patient Realization

The "Echo"

Experiencing an "Echo" as they call it. The unbelievable technology, I could barely take my eyes away. But physically it was like a "wrestling" match -- one in which the nurse was the active dynamo and my large self was the creature pinned to the bed, making responsive adjustments, obeying her commands. My powerful grandson was involved down at my legs helping me stay stable and responsive to her moves. This took an hour and a half. The nurse had very strong fingers, wrists and forearms! It was like she was "gently, but forcefully" plowing my skin and muscles and arterial vessels to get the readings from all over my torso and neck. I asked her how I looked, at the end of this exercise. "You've got a very strong heart."

The Laparoscopy

After this, I got an original letter from the Cardiologist giving the Surgeon the "go ahead" for my Laparoscopy. I was "knocked out" (my long sought general anesthesia) for my surgery but later I got a phone call. "Mr. French, you're last biopsy gives you an all clear. So that's got to make you feel good! We did handle the "mucoseal", and we took the entire appendix too. We ran into a pure fatty hernia about the size of a golf ball, right at your navel. We took that out too."

Right in the Middle of COVID, the "Medical Stars" Still Shine!

It seems, after 18 months (The systemic constipation caused by Covid playing a major role), that my general health prospects have been mightily improved. I praise the medical community for the high arc of achievement that they attain to every day.

Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work

And now, I remember that my original complaint was my Psoriatic Arthritis and my Lymphedema. I am incredibly thankful for my progress to date. And now I can carry the phrase forward in my life that I repeated daily in my quest for spiritual stability, from the Book of James. "Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work." (James 1:4).

The Value of Waiting - The Curse of Waiting - The Magic in Waiting

As an American, one who readily confesses to being born and bred under values that have been engendered in generations of all American ethnic types, I would like to share some of the characteristics that are mine and are probably shared by some of the readers. See the CALLOUT.

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