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From Spiritual Awakening To Awakening Consciousness - The Dark Night of the Soul


From Spiritual Awakening To Awakening Consciousness - The Dark Night of the Soul

It was when I came across videos of people who described "the dark night of the soul" that I wanted to share my testimony on this subject, even though I have spoken about it several times in this blog. Apparently, these people are talking about a subject they have not experienced and only know what they have read and heard. Here I wanted to bring a vision that is based on lived experience.

There seems to be confusion between Spiritual Awakening and Awakening Consciousness. I will try to develop what has been achieved from my point of view. Often times we use different words to talk about the same thing. That’s why there can sometimes be a mistake. The words I use are those that have come down to describe the process.

If the two waking states are caused by a depressive state, following a life event, such as bereavement, divorce, dismissal or other, the outcome does not point to the same field of experiences even if in the two cases, the duration of the process is random, a few days, a few months or even a few years depending on the individual. It is our ability to move beyond experience depending on how it is grasped that will cause the state of suffering to disappear at that time or last longer or shorter.

Spiritual awakening occurs after a malaise that will pose a real existential questioning. Who I am”? Why "am I here"? Why can't I find happiness, love and peace? All these questions are the most often cited, pushing to deepen their meaning.

They introduce the person on the path of personal and spiritual development giving him the opportunity to explore the person in order to learn and understand the fears, blockages and memories that are at the origin of his setbacks.

This is where the quest for meaning will start, trying to find an interpretation of discomfort, through tools and techniques that will open towards expansions of consciousness, extra-sensory capacities (gifts) and sometimes to the illumination.

Spiritual awakening is a permanent quest for well-being, leading the person into a perpetual dissatisfaction and a need for reassurance, guiding them towards ever more practices and therapies, with the sole aim of trying to extricate them from evil. Persistent which takes the form of anguish, fear, sadness, anger, etc?

In this phase of awakening, there is an attempt to suppress these negative states instead of welcoming them. We are still in duality. Besides, many people who think they are welcoming, not understanding the meaning as long as it is seen from a mental point of view.

Even if there are realizations, liberation and healing will never occur as long as one is stationed in an attitude of believing that peace will come through this. The belief in a path to follow to get somewhere does not exist only in illusion. The suffering caused by this search for the divine will never be erased as long as it is believed in a something or a somewhere, therefore always in a separation.

Here, it is seen that the work on the Self will develop more the ego instead of attenuating it, causing more and more leakage, permeating itself with new beliefs generated by all the external knowledge that comes from this world. Everything is being done to move towards unification, thus only accentuating the duality. This is what will trigger the dark night of the soul, the phase before awakening consciousness.

The prospect of seeing and wanting only the positive and bright side of the experience, rejecting and fleeing the dark side that nevertheless makes up all being, induces tension and bodily rigidity to the point of pain, illness and exhaustion. Resulting in the ultimate collapse of all exterior formatting.

Imagine a rubber band held in each of your hands and pulling fiercely on the same hand. You cause constant stiffness until it cracks. That's kind of what happens in this experience. The more you try to go towards one end while denying the other, the more intense the tension becomes. Resistance, coming from an endlessly unfulfilled will and desire, leads sooner or later to dive into all its shadows in an accelerated manner.

Here in this collapse, everything is called into question. Life no longer has meaning. There is no more taste, just a feeling of bordering on madness and touching death. The resulting panic fears trigger the most extreme and unprecedented suffering. Everything no longer seems to correspond to what has been learned, understood or even known. These unmanageable states can sometimes lead to psychiatry or even suicide. It is the confrontation with the death of the person who has identified with the ego, based on beliefs, imprints of memories, thoughts and emotions. The strength of suffering comes from the ability to let the flow of a dual experience that heralds the end to pass through. Moreover, the duration of the crossing is linked to the ability to surrender to this despair that pervades everyday life.

This phase is not taught upstream, unfortunately because it was unknown. But more and more people passing by, testify so that it is more understandable, even if here we are invited to make this return towards Self and to be listening to what emerges from it by ourselves. We are alone in the face of this cataclysm and what is happening in it. No one knows when the end of the ordeal will come. It will only come from our ability to let ourselves be absorbed by this phenomenon.

It is when there is full acceptance and acceptance of the process that the veils fall allowing Awakening of consciousness to occur, revealing that We Are beyond form and the void laden with silence.

After the death of the Self, it is the birth to the true Self, the true nature springing from the deepest intimacy. Even though, in the end, we realize that we were never truly cut off from it, here we discover that duality was just an experience of being part of the Rediscovered Oneness.

We can speak of the liberation of the ego / mind which has been assigned the role of master throughout life. The ego / mind do not disappear as part of the whole human hologram. This structure allows the game down here.

  1. Everything is revealed in this awakening.
  2. Realize that you are not the body, nor the person playing this role.
  3. Realize that the ego, with which one is identified, is only a mass of conditioning, which believes to have control.
  4. Realize that the “One” consciousness is behind all things, all living things, all nature, all events and all states.
  5. Realize that we are not human but consciousness in the human experience.
  6. Realize that we do not have to seek to be since we already are, but to fully experience what is coming at each moment.

Here this immersion in this emptiness / emptiness / silence allows the living to take all its expression in the manifestation. Everything is experienced fully with everything that coexists here and now.

If suffering disappears since everything is accepted and welcomed fully and simply, negative experiences continue to be served to us by life as long as we flee from them. It is our ability to welcome them fully that allows us to experience them better.

If Spiritual Awakening is a field of fleeting experiences that not everyone will take, Awakening of consciousness is the ultimate awakening with the discovery and recognition of the Self in everyone.

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