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Friend Like No Other

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Friends are considered important for progress in life, especially good friendships. A friend who is a supporter of his friend gladdens the heart of that friend because through him that friend would be saved like Jonathan did for David, through him his friend would leap over walls like deers. When one has a supportive friend one needs to appreciate such a rare one because they ain't common among humans. I am enjoying rare friendships and if you are enjoying one, I am sure you will like this article but if you ain't it's my humble prayers that God will bring one across your path so that you know truly one can blossom in the atmosphere of good and Godly friendship. One can recover lost things through understanding and rare friends.

Thank you.

His Relationship With His Friend

He is special breed among the breeds called humans for he takes his friend as his child,

No parent will want their children suffer neither would they block their ears to the cries of their wards

When his friend is worried, he is worried because he treats his friend as his own flesh, his body which he nurtures and takes care of carefully

As parents would never pray evil befalls their children so he earnestly prays for the successes of his friend,

He is always looking forward to means of making life meaningful for his friend, he wants his friend to live better life,

As parents know theirs' is to try their bests for their wards, so he knows that he cannot give his friend everything be wants in life

Always Joyous for Success of His Friend

Therefore he never frowns that his friend receives help from somewhere else, from people and climes he doesn't have an inkling about,

His continual joy is that his friend continues to make progress in all his endeavours, when he hears of his friend's achievements he is elated because he considers his achievements his'

Celebrating his friend's achievements as if he is celebrating his children's achievements, calling different people together to felicitate and rejoice with him because his friend has attained a new height in his pursuit,

In the case that the achievement of the friend is long awaited, the celebration is to the heavens like the prodigal son's Father who celebrated the return of his child with all that he had so he does,

He is Original

He doesn't fake his friendship like the hypocrites do pretending someone is the best thing that can happen to them

But they will go behind their backs to act and profess other things about the person, tarnishing their image, person and character,

In his case if he doesn't like you he won't become friends with you

Many seek his hand of friendship but he has not committed himself to them

This is because he knows no one can be trusted on the surface level, the real humans is deep within the flesh called the body,

They will celebrate you today but tomorrow would ask that you be crucified because they have seen better offers

The offer they believe you won't be able to offer them,

He is thence found among the few people and in the camp of those he is found he loves those ones implicitly

He Beckons to People to Rejoice With Him

Saying he rejoices with his friend that what he has today has eluded him for years but with patience, focus and determination he has reclaimed it. He will say of his friend's success that

"We have possessed this glory before because it's ours initially but the enemies robbed us of it. Now that we have it, it calls for highest celebration that my hand can afford and imagination can proclaim"

"Therefore, join me to celebrate my friend's success because if he hasn't been a success I won't be called a friend of a successful person" he says

He has no sorrow when his friend gives him reports of technocrats and other intelligent people he knows who he doesn't know

For some wolves in sheep's clothing who call themselves his friends, the authoritarians would become moody and sad knowing their friend knows someone they don't know,

They will be depressed knowing that their friend have connections that do not originate from them


What He Calls His Friend

Love them like his eyes, protecting and shielding them, defending and looking after them as humans protect the eyes and wouldn't want anything to enter it

He is not our to celebrate all, neither does he want to be known by the world not wished to help everyone on earth,

What he aims at is ensuring that the livelihood of his friend changes,

For in that he has happiness, in that he has joy, in that he is satisfied

And knows that if he would be departing from the world to the world beyond, he will rest in peace,

He calls his friend his heritage, he calls him his heir.

What His Friend Calls Him

His friend calls him rare one, rare friend, a friend in a billion, a friend like no other, a blessed friend among humans

His friend prays and says everyone who sees him shall call him blessed among the children of men

And wherever he gets to people will always be happy because of him, be happy seeing him there

For he is not cursed, he is however a blessing to this generation and many generations yet unborn because he has demonstrated rare friendship among the sons of men

(The End)


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