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The Meaning of Freedom for the Present Generation of Youth as India Celebrates Its 74th Independence Day

I am a patriot at heart and love my country. The festivities and fervor with which the national festivals are celebrated in India bring joy.

What it means to be young and free in India

What it means to be young and free in India

What it Means to be Young and Free in India

As India celebrates its 75th year of Independence on August 15ththis year, let us reflect on what it means to be young and free in India. There is no doubt that the glorious future of the country rests on its youth. It is estimated that 27% of the population of the country which is 1.3 billion is comprised of young Indians.

Gone away are the days when the lure of foreign lands for better prospects and a better future was prevalent. Now they see the country moving on and want to be a part of new India. They are pragmatic and practical and look forward to new horizons, new avenues of growth. They talk about the country with pride, protectiveness and love. They feel India is one now. The spirit of patriotism as brought out in Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore poem ‘Gitanjali’. The youth of India march forward without fear, holding their head high.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's poem ‘Gitanjali’.

Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's poem ‘Gitanjali’.

Blessed to be Born in a Free Country

It is a blessing to be born in a free country for the youth of today. They accept that the freedom they enjoy has come at a heavy price which has been paid by our freedom fighters and continuous to be paid by our soldiers of our country on a daily basis. Many young soldiers have put the country and its people before their own lives. In a violent clash with Chinese troops in June, 20 soldiers lost their lives in Ladakh, is a proof of the Indian Army’s commitment to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. Today young India feels a sense of pride in Subedar Neeraj Chopra from 4 Rajputana Rifles regiment achieve glory by winning a gold medal at the Olympics. His feat has made his family and all of India proud.

Freedom is a Gift

My grandparents were born in a country that was in the throes of foreign rule. I have heard stories of the freedom struggle from them. In fact, my grandfather who was in the army, participated in second world war and received a medal for his bravery from Queen Victoria. My father served in the Indian army after independence for twenty five years. So the nationalist spirit is a legacy from three generations in my family.

The freedom that we enjoy today is a gift conferred upon us by the brave men and women who laid down their lives, so that future generations could live in a free and independent country. Being born in a free, sovereign democratic republic, our generation did not take this privilege for granted. We strove and did our bit for the development of the economy and overall progress of the country. The same values need to be inculcated in the younger generations today. Freedom today means living without fear, prejudices and gender biases. For the present young generation, independence means equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of caste, gender, religion, geographic location.

The Youth can Transform the Country

Freedom to express, agree and dissent is the priority for the youth of today. They are in the forefront of social change in the country. Economic independence and the freedom to build a life of their choice is of paramount importance to them. They dare to dream and can strive to achieve it, even if they have to face many hurdles in their pursuit. In that sense they are truly free. As the nation celebrates its 74th Independence Day on August 15th, young India will celebrate its freedoms and are ready to fight for the freedom when denied to them.

As India has the largest youth population, it is asserted that India’s secret weapon is its young population. This great young population, if channelized properly can become instrumental in transforming the country. Economist believe that the youth have the potential to boost the Indian economy at an unprecedented level. With proper education, good health care facilities and employable skills, our young population can be utilized in the development of the country. each one of us has the responsibility to uplift the youth of our country. We can start from our own homes, by encouraging the young members of the family to be socially and culturally aware, to gain knowledge and to share their ideas and opinions with the world. They should be nurtured in an atmosphere where they can develop into rational and decision-making individuals.

Generation of Thinking Individuals

The first step to ensuring a better tomorrow for the youth of our country is to provide good education, along with a healthy interactive environment where they have the freedom to debate on social and cultural issues and question conventions not in their favor. Social media has provided a platform for the youth to participate and share their views on social and political issues. It is a generation of thinking individuals and their thoughts should be encouraged and appreciated. To protect their right to education, it should be ensured that educational facilities are available, even to those who cannot afford it. Right to survival necessitates that they have access to food and shelter. They should be encouraged and allowed to shine to see a better tomorrow in a great country.

Rights Come with Responsibilities

Freedom has given the people rights, and with rights come responsibilities. Young Indians should not forget that it is their responsibility to contribute to the welfare of the country. They should be positive, cheerful and aim for the best. The Youth can become responsible citizens by taking an active part in social and political activities or engaging in community services.

When youngsters work passionately towards the causes they care about, they can bring positive change in society. We need young voices to be heard in major policy making decisions. They have the infinite potential to shape the world. With a combination of energy, passion, and fearlessness they have the capacity to change the world. They need to realize that they are the future of the nation and the world. They need to start thinking independently and strive to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the country. They should work towards bringing social reform and help the country develop and move towards progress.

Young India-An Acrostic Poem

Young people of India are

Optimistic and Courageous

Understand their duties towards

Nation building and progress

Growing from strength to strength

India is the motherland they love

Not letting adversities deter them

Defining the change they want to see

Indomitable will to succeed

Awake to a world of peace and joy

Other Countries that Share Independence Day with India

Some of the other countries that share their Independence Day with India on August 15th are Indonesia, North Korea, South Korea, Bahrain, Liechtenstein, and Democratic Republic of Congo.