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Freedom; a Page From My Diary

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Freedom is a condition of liberty where a person can do anything he wants, enjoys, desires, and admires; without bounding by specific rules. Freedom is not always what we believe in; various people describe freedom differently because it’s a psychological idea about which everyone has diverse perspectives. Some individuals from distinct countries and locations have crystalline clear thoughts about freedom whiles others have not any. The feeling of freedom arises from the inner world of a human being; it coheres with satisfaction and pleasure. Freedom is not the name of violation of the rights of others, but it’s the name of charming the magnificence of nature and the surroundings around. Freedom is owning prospects in all aspects; it’s creativity and flexibility without limitations.

We are living in the era of technology still there are several countries in the world where people are living without freedom, living totally in fear and insecurity. They’re living in refugee centers where they have to suffer misery and danger of demise. They need sovereignty; as everyone knows freedom is the ability to live, express, and believe as you like. Freedom displays in multiple ways through talk, religion, and voting- and it defines how we live our lives. Freedom is a premium human right; it includes the right to live and independence, freedom from slavery and agony, freedom of thought and presentation, the right to work and education independently, etc. Everyone is entitled to these rights without bigotry. Everyone must get freedom; being free makes individuals comfortable, happy, and satisfied.

Freedom is one of the human essentials for living which plays a prominent part in the social approach. It needs human evolution that is growing human choices. Human growth is a crucial factor in welfare advancement where liberty is an essential mechanism to accomplish it. Freedom has several distinct measurement indicators; democracy may be considered a freedom indicator. It can save humans against natural tragedies, social situations, and financial issues by developing human preferences and delivering democratic relations in the community. Freedom is usable in maximizing social interest by supplying equal income distribution. Freedom symbolizes independence from intimidation. It also signifies freedom from discrimination, intolerance, damage, opposition, etc. The real significance of something can only be comprehended by the people who have acquired it with several sacrifices such as by losing life and living, so does the importance of freedom.


The most typical type of freedom is freedom of speech: a critical right of citizens and the glorious stipulation of independence. Freedom of speech is significant in the development of a country. The essence of free speech lies in the reflection and speaking of thought freely; it’s also connected with obtaining knowledge from others without suspicion of being banned or suppressed by the state. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression demonstrates the liberty to express self-thoughts voluntarily utilizing words by speaking, documenting, publishing, graphics, etc. Freedom of speech provides a method to open conversations that aid in representing the views and ideas: fundamental for the development of the community. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are the prime rights linked with all the additional rights; freedom of speech is the guardian of all other privileges. Freedom of speech is guaranteed and secured by the constitution or laws of different states, and various global conventions are working on protecting it.

Freedom of action is a state corresponding to the free choice that an individual is doing something that he wants to do without any fear of being judged by society. Freedom of movement is usually different from free will. Freedom of action directs to things that control a willed act from being acknowledged. For example, a person in jail cannot start his business. A paralyzed person can’t move his limbs. Such types of problems are not related to free will. Free will implies being free in trying to flee or in trying to show physical movement. Free will means that a person is independent in thinking, making judgments, and choosing what he likes; it’s a natural right everyone has since birth. Freedom is the physical and mental ability to practice free will and is even a birthright of a person. Moreover, free will cannot be controlled, but freedom can be because you cannot control what a person can think, but you can control what a person can do by setting certain boundaries.

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