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Free the King

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


We allow the illusions to imprison our lives and our dreams. It's time to let love break the walls of the prison that we have created.

— Sean Dragon

Meeting the King

When I was a young boy, about ten years old, I had a trip with my parents in a small provincial town. One of the attractions of this city was a lovely park on the banks of a river. Due to river water, the park had beautiful vegetation, and so there were hosted many animals and birds of my country. Some of them were free to walk around the park, and some others were indoors. I was so glad that for the first time in my life I could observe so many animals that until then I knew them only by the books.

Suddenly, while we were walking on one of the paths next to the river and we were feeding ducks, geese, and swans, I saw a sign said "Lion." My heart fluttered, and I started yelling at my parents, pulling my father by the hand to move as quickly as possible. In my young mind, it was a dream to have a close view of the king of animals. Although I was worried that it could be a trick of the park and not a real lion, I was running following the signs while my parents were shouting to me that I had to wait. I climbed a small hill in the center of the park, and I finally reached in front of the lion's cage.

That very moment is one of those that remain forever engraved in our minds. It's one of those scenes that pop out in our mind, in sudden, some unrelated moments, through strange associations and we live them again as they happened, no matter how many years have passed since then.


It was there, in front of my eyes, huge, the king of the jungle. But after the first observation, the enthusiasm began to turn into a tightening of my 10-year-old heart and anxiety. This lovely animal was in a cage that did not exceed the size of my small room and looked even smaller as was filled with the size of the lion. So it had a tiny space to move, and the only move it could do was to cross the diagonal of the cage. And that's what it did all the time! It was stopped for a moment to look at the crowd outside the cage and then back again. An unstoppable motion with no meaning. And yet it was the only possibility of a movement of that animal which naturally had to live in a place where the horizon does not set any limits.


A King Enslaved

I felt awful because I felt pity for the lion and in my mind, this was a shame. Who was I, an insignificant little boy that I could feel sorry for the King of the animals! No matter how strange it sounds, it was my first awkward and sad thought. But then I noticed something that made me feel even worse. I saw his gaze. It was empty! Empty and sad. I was sure that while the lion was looking outside the cage, it didn't see anything of this place. Not because it was blind, but because it did not want to see. The railing of its enclosure was railing that has jailed its soul. A soul that could not breathe the freedom for which it was born, and so it was refusing to see anything else. So it seemed to my naive mind. I was sure that its gaze was the look of a lunatic, looking but seeing only what its mind was showing. So I believed that this proud animal was viewing the vast savannas of its homeland, the ones I had seen in the books, and it was thinking that it was walking on that free land and not in its narrow cage.

I felt immense sadness by these thoughts! And my sorrow became greater when at some point its look met mine. At that moment I thought it understood that I knew how it was feeling. And only for that moment, I think that it stopped seeing his wonderful homeland and looked through my eyes, into my soul. I heard its voice inside my head telling me: "no matter what you do, live free or do not live at all."

I could not bear to stay any longer. I turned around, and I left the place with my head bent to hide my tears. I felt at that moment as helpless as the lion in the cage. So weak and unable to help, so unable to explain why. Why we enslave the life?

Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery

Later, as I was growing older, in the years of my internal search, this experience became for me an allegory of human life. This lion became the symbol of the real king, the symbol of our divine Self, of our soul that we keep confined and imprisoned in the cage of the illusions of this world. Our soul has been created to live in Paradise. Exists only to be able to breathe free in the beautiful fields of His Love, to enjoy the miracles of every day. But we choose to live in slavery. Every day we restrict our soul because we fill our lives with thoughts and acts of selfishness, condemnation, and rage. Therefore, we imprison it in the railings that are raised by egotism, fear, guilt, envy, and passions. But our soul continues to dream of Paradise from which it originates and refuses to live in a world of slavery that we build for it in our everyday life. Consequently, it slowly separates itself from what we really are, a unique body-soul set, and we end up wandering like lifeless and mechanical bodies without being able to find real joy in whatever we do.


The grief of that day became the thorn in the side of my life that helps me to remember the promise I gave to myself that morning as I left the King imprisoned behind me. The promise to live my life fighting for the freedom of my soul and the freedom of every soul. The promise to give all my strength to free my King from his bonds. To deny selfishness, envy, condemnation, fear, guilt, and everything else that is imprisoning my soul.

It is difficult in a world that has idolized the lie and fights against the truth. It is difficult in a world that grows us by teaching us from our first moments that kindness is a weakness that exposes us to mortal danger. It is difficult in a world that tries to persuade our soul that there is nothing else but this cage. To convince our soul that this jail is safety and that there is nothing but hell outside of it. Denying this illusion of the security of our prison is difficult because we have become prisoners that afraid to escape. Overcoming fear is tough. It's hard to deny any bad habit, I know. But I know I can do it. I can do it because I have the key that opens the prison door; I had it always with me. And the magical thing is that the same key opens the doors of Paradise too.


I have love in my heart, that's the key. Love is the memory of Paradise, the one that does not let me forget my origin. I choose to live my life offering love. Whenever the habit and the fear force me to react with selfishness and malice, I am trying to deny. I am trying to break the habit, defeat fear and answer with love. I can free my soul with the power of love. Everyone can. It's a matter of choice.

Make that choice. Free the King!

Love is the only cure; anything else just can give an extension to life.

— Sean Dragon

The greatest prison anyone can escape from is ignorance.

— Matshona Dhliwayo

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis


Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 20, 2018:

Yes, I believe there is, my brother. Every moment you have to watch your self like you were another person, and in every choice, you are going to take, ask your self: What Love would do now?

Liam D OConnor from Cork on February 20, 2018:

Is there any simple "trick" to know when we raise the railings of our cage?

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 15, 2018:

Thank you very much, Nikki, for your inspiriting words. I am honored because they come from a person with knowledge and Heart!

My best wishes to you and your lovely family.

I am father of four sons, and I know the blessing

but also as I am watching my love taking care of all, I know that you have to be a little "superwoman" to be a mother!

So may Love give you "superpowers."


Nikki Khan from London on February 15, 2018:

What a wonderful story,,loved reading it.There are some bitter truths of life but still there is light of goodness and love.

Very thought provoking effort.Thanks for sharing with us.

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 08, 2018:

I think that I understand your approach. Thank you!

LD on February 08, 2018:

No Sean, I don't want details. It is significant to me that is a real story! It makes your story much more great.

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 07, 2018:

Yes, my dear friend, unfortunately (for the lion) it is a real story and If you want I can give you more details. It was an incident that made me see with other eyes many things. For me, I believe now; it was a blessing that came by a hard way.

LD on February 07, 2018:

I have a question. Is this a real story? It is an amazing article anyway, but I am curious.

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 06, 2018:

Yes, my beloved Ha-loan-ha, when things get tougher we have to use the inner Light, the Light that is the part of God inside everyone. And then the Light will guide us to the best path, and it will work as a beacon to others who are in need, as well! I want you by my side; I send you my love...

Ilio stam from Athens on February 06, 2018:

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be part of this companionship, my teacher!I feel it like an obligation towards my spirit.At last,when things get tougher that’s the right time to strengthen the light within our existence.My respect..

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 06, 2018:

I chose a path where rankings and discriminations are not a part of it."

Thank you, my beloved disciple. Thank you for this answer. Accept my apologies for my "cruel" question, but I wanted you to answer yourself because it is essential for the world to see this answer from as many as possible different people. So your answer is my response to you, as I promised you. "I choose." That is the key. No fate, no luck, only choices! Choices which"create" our life and our world. So keep on your struggle and do not be afraid to make mistakes, they sometimes come with the choices, but a virtuous woman ( a noble Indian) like you has the power to learn and correct them. You know I am so proud of you, even for your mistakes! God bless you!

P.S.: I would like to see more of your comments when time, in your strict programme, permits.

Ilio stam from Athens on February 06, 2018:

As you know my teacher,my questions are an outcome of your enlighten text.So i seek the answer in the lines between and almost anytime i find it in This voice inside me.To answer your question,i chose a path where rankings and discriminations are not a part of it.Though,i have to admit that i make mistakes every day but i just close my eyes,I pray and I keep up the race..and that's the hardest part..!

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 05, 2018:

My beloved Ha-loan-ha, I don't believe in fate, I believe in choice.

I want to ask you something, and after your answer, I will try to respond your questions.

How do you feel when you obey your "brothers" and make rankings for your fellows?

Ilio stam from Athens on February 05, 2018:

“ in a world that teaching us from our first moments that kindness is a weakness “..My beloved John, reading those words i was wondering how many times I let myself to be filled with doubt and fear , as my “brothers “ adviced me that kindness and love are behaviours of the weak...! Is it our fate to rank our fellows as weak and strong? Is it our inner necessity for guidance that make us distinguish our “brothers” ? Or is it just our fragility for change that force us to enslave what seems different?..

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 04, 2018:

I think that is an obligation to every one of us, to do his or her best to lift all the world up to love. I humbly try to do my part, and this is why I admire your work. Thank you, my brother.

manatita44 from london on February 04, 2018:

Some hard home truths and definitely so in the videos. I commend you for your strength and courage and your way with the expressiveness of the Spirit.

Guruji used to say that Light must descend into darkness. This has the additional meaning that if the God-man remains on the tree and try to teach humans, generally the Light is too great. It is our nature to reject Light. So the God-man comes down to our human level and then tries to lift us up to Love.

Still, I can and am sometimes tough for very specific reasons. God bless you once again, my Ioannis Ji. Peace!!

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on February 02, 2018:

I am glad to hear it. It is an adventurous way full of miracle, and as every adventure is challenging one. I wish you the best.

LD on February 02, 2018:

"Love is the memory of Paradise, the one that does not let me forget my origin. I choose to live my life offering love."

Yes, my man, that's my choise from here and now.

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on January 31, 2018:

I am happy to hear it because that was my intention. Thank you, my friend LD, for being so encouraging.

LD on January 31, 2018:

The more I read this article, the more levels I find and understand. I'll say it again. Amazing! Thank you for this!

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on January 29, 2018:

I have been blessed with many miracles in my life. I praise His Love every day for them. Writing about them is the least I can do. I wish, and I try to be a clear channel of His Light for the people around me. That's why I admire your work, and your comment honors me. Thank you so much, dear sister, Dora!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 29, 2018:

You obviously embraced God's wisdom at an early age. Thanks for for sharing that incredible moment and the impact it has made on the rest of your life. Best to you, going forward!

Ioannis Arvanitis (author) from Greece, Almyros on January 26, 2018:

Thank you, my friend LD.

LD on January 26, 2018:


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