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Frames of Life

I can't help but fall in love and capture prepossessing views I've been to. It makes me reminisce both beautiful and unpleasant memories and it gives me poetic symphonies in my head.

The sunset makes me feel how a day could beautifully end. Might be a rough day but got through it.


The sunrise makes me lazy at first but afterwards gives me motivation to face more challenges and lessons in life.


The sea makes me feel calm, free and in love. Every splash of the waves is an embrace. Every passing of the sea breeze on my cheeks is like a kiss of affection. And the sea shore is like a big bed that has too much space to roll.


The variety of colors and formation of clouds make me think of my wrong decisions, regrets and stupidity that I have somehow overcame. My hands are then hungry for a paint brush, paint and a canvas as I wanted to do a painting out of the scenery thus bringing out the artsy in me.

These are my frames of Life. Emotions captured on a single shot. Images that could outlive memories. A scenery of love and creation.

I remembered people who are closest to my heart whatever is the view. Especially those I have shared with in these beautiful sights.

Overall, I just miss this usual but captivating view as much as I miss you.

So when it's all done in God's grace, let's watch more beautiful things together and create more memories.

Shall we?

© 2020 Juan Marcus Puentas