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For Writers and for All Those Who Struggle and Keep Fighting

When a writer is true and honest in his intentions, that is clear and easy to understand and feel it. Even the hardest subject or the most technical topic can be transformed into an appealing piece of writing.

It's not the subject that blocks the reader. It's the possible inability of the writer. Or that he wasn't involved. Or didn't search enough. He or she, of course, wasn't a master of his or her craft.

So it is really more a matter of responsibility than of objective difficulties.

Let me give you an example.

When I was studying Physics, Quantum mechanics was by far the hardest lesson. And yet an author in his book succeded the almost unbelievable. He turned the stiff, full-of-equations, and difficult-to-understand material into the most attractive book of all my years in University.

Since then I had the blessing to meet this "phenomenon" again and again.

The subjects vary from Medieval architecture to the latest developments in Chaotic mathematics. And always, the difference was not the easiness of the topic but the "talent" of the author. And it is not the abstract case of "talent" but the dedication and the involvement of the one who writes.

The reader recognizes this in a minute. You get satisfaction instead of boredom, you get relief by the deep engagement with the text, instead of the nauseating feeling of not comprehending.

You Benefit from the Hardest and Evolve from the Toughest.


Because you always have in front of you a real human being talking and caring for other humans.

Instead of a wooden immobile language you listen to the ordinary vocabulary, the everyday words that in the hands of the responsible worker, the real gifted writer transforms and transfers.

Not just the specific topic, but in a mysterious way, the crucial, the important.

And what is the real secret?

Hard work, deep research, involvement. Then and only then you can claim that you write.

And more important.

If you don't rewrite then you don't write at all.

If you do not edit then you have nothing.

Spontaneity maybe is good for a single phrase. Perhaps is enough for just one sentence.

But it is disastrous for a text.

Like puppies you play, you stumble and fall after a few minutes and just lay down and sleep. (It's the way the newborn animals behave.)

They take a nap, get some rest and start all over again. They restore some strength and repeat the same procedure. They stumble again, they fall, they sleep.

It's just the way things are.

So...Don't contradict nature. But have the inner strength, the strong decision to carry on.

We, in our egos and self-sufficiency, often forget that we are weak creatures, frail, fragile, and easily worn out.

But it's up to us to proceed. To go on.

So go with it. And "go all the way".

"Go all the Way" Because it's Worth it.

Try and try again and try one more time.

Try harder, but do not oppress yourself.

Find the balance.

The true balance between your voice and the real voice of the world. And this is the true voice of the words. You are part of them, they are part of you.

This relationship looks in the beginning disappointing. Words are ungrateful. This relationship will be the cruelest one that you will ever encounter in your life.

But it's also the most rewarding.

Every single word has its unique voice. A strength and dimensions that every now and then are revealed inside a phrase.

A phrase, a sentence of a few words can be just dead, unworthy to look at it again. Or...

It can convey the deepest in the shortest. The right message is exactly what you were looking for.

It can open doors and souls, it can convey meanings and even the happiness itself.

It can be a meaningless clutter, one more annoying noise in the already overpopulated noise world of ours...

Or it can get right to the point. It can be what you were looking for. Even for years. It can reveal the essence of life.

How can we distinguish between them?

That's easy.

Everyone has a deep instinct to detect between the precious margarite and the worthless stone.

It's deep inside all of us. But to sharpen it takes time. And effort.

So Try.

Try a little more. Or if you have the vigor much more.

Remember the great, the classics.

They are not superhuman or creatures of disproportionate dimensions.

No, they are just like you and me.

Humans with weaknesses and frailties.

But they tried.

Failure knocked at their door as often as at yours and mine. Perhaps even more times.

But that didn't stop them. It just doesn't matter.

What matters is the effort. And the pure heart.

Not to have a hidden purpose.

Then once more and another and another they tried.

Stick to this and you won't be stuck.

Words are War.

Find your voice through work and discipline.

Find your words when you are not naive or frivolous. Don't let these overwhelm you.

Find your words when you have worked and believed in them.

When you can listen to them.

Don't forget. We are not the creators of language, or even of a sentence.

We aren't even the writers of our own writings.

We are only transferring.

We are vehicles in her Majesty's service, language.

We are more like five years old kids that are fishing for the first time in the great and magnificent lake of words.

Just one bite makes us happy. Perhaps it's enough.

Someone said that we do not speak with words. They are just using us to be spoken.

To be their servants is a duty and an honor...

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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